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Take Your Business Off the Ground with These Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Marketing is essential to any business, but when it comes to real estate, it’s the entire name of the game. 

Sellers won’t make money on their property until it’s sold. People can’t buy a house unless they know it’s for sale. 

This all trickles down to you and your commission. The effort you put into marketing a listing directly affects your bank account.

With more than six million homes sold last year, it’s obvious some real estate professionals are doing something right when it comes to marketing.

But what?

We’re giving you five real estate marketing ideas that will take your business to another level.

1. Hire a Photographer and Videographer

You’re going to need a website and social media accounts (more on those in a minute!). But, before you do either of those, you need content!

Your content is your meal ticket. This is what will get your listings seen and potential clients interested in buying. 

You need professional photographs that capture the best selling points of your listings. While you may think those high school photog classes are getting put to use, everyone can see your shadow in the photos!

You should also include video tours. This can be a walkthrough or even B-roll of the property. 

If possible, hire a photographer who’s also a videographer — or vice versa. This will save you money and build a nice working rapport.

2. Invest in a Custom Website

Sure, you can build your own site. But, considering your site is about to be your livelihood, you should let the pros handle it.

They’ll make sure your site has all the essentials for good SEO. They’ll make sure your pages load fast and that it has a responsive design. 

They also know that you’re going to post photos and videos so they’ll make sure your site doesn’t lag. They can even add cool features like a live chat.

Also, make sure you have a blog. This increases your SEO and it makes you an authority in your market. Blog about the community, give helpful advice on househunting. 

You should also consider a Q&A page. This is a quick and easy way for potential clients to find the answers they need. Learn more about what questions buyers and sellers ask so you know what to include.

3. Social Media Is Your New Assistant

Have you unleashed the power of social media? Do you know how important having a Facebook page and Instagram account are?

For a real estate professional, they’re invaluable. You can post the photos and videos of your property on Facebook and Instagram. This alone will generate interest.

You can hold Q&A’s on Twitter. Buyers and sellers have a lot of questions when it comes to the home buying process.

If you provide them with great answers, they’ll trust you as an expert. In turn, this could lead to them hiring you to help them buy or sell a home.

4. Ask for Reviews

Don’t be shy about asking for reviews. If you’re doing a bang-up job, other buyers and sellers should know about it!

These reviews — especially on Google — can actually help your local SEO results. Plus, they’ll give people looking for a real estate professional confidence in your abilities.

If you do get a bad review, go ahead and respond. But, do so in a polite and calm manner, even if you’re frustrated with their remarks. Taking the time to address the good and bad comments will show people you care about your business. 

5. Reach Out to Local TV and Radio Stations

Do you know how easy it is to get on your local morning show? Whether it’s a local TV station or talk radio morning show, it’s easier than you realize.

All you have to do is contact them. Morning show producers need a lot of content to fill up hours of airtime every day. If you approach them, you’re giving them relevant content that they didn’t even have to work for.

In return, you get your name out there and establish yourself as an authority in your local real estate market.

Need More Real Estate Marketing Ideas?

Whether you’re first starting out or need a boost to your business, these real estate marketing ideas are sure to help. 

But, if you need other marketing or business tips, we can help with those too. Head over to our marketing section and see what other questions we can answer!