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5 Benefits of a Real Estate Agent Career

America has millions of real estate agents.

Have you ever considered a career in real estate? What questions do you have about the profession? What are the benefits of this career?

These are important questions if you are considering a career move or starting in real estate as a side hustle.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a real estate agent career:

1. The Schedule

Have you ever wanted to work a job that started at ten in the morning? Imagine being able to wake up, work out, and slowly enjoy a cup of coffee before your workday begins. 

A benefit of working in real estate is that you can set your own hours. If you decide that you don’t want to show any listings or take any meetings before ten, that’s your choice. 

Since most open houses occur on the weekends, you could use one of the weekdays as your day off or work a half-day to still feel like you have a break during the week. This benefit is also true if you work real estate part-time because you can control the days and times at which you show the listings.

2. You Control How Much You Make

The income potential for you as a real estate agent is directly dependent on how many listings and buyers that you work with. If you are constantly picking up new listings and working with potential buyers, you will likely make more than an agent who waits by the phone for an interested buyer.

Since real estate is a commission-based job, every property that you sell has a direct impact on your income. In luxury real estate, the listings are a higher cost which in return means higher commission for the agent. These properties may take longer to sell than the average condo.

3. Grow Your Network

When you sell listings throughout the community, you will get to know the people that live there very well. This will help expand your network as you meet several people of different ages with various jobs. 

You will also become the local choice when someone is looking for a home. Real estate agents grow into experts in the community because they know important details about each neighborhood and its unique features.

4. Real Estate Agent Career Stability

With the exception of the housing market crash in 2008, a career in real estate has proven to be quite stable. People are always looking for a place to live in. Studies show that the average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime.

This is important because not only is there a high demand for a place to live but over time, you may help the same person or family move into multiple properties. This would bring the agent repeat business and multiple opportunities to earn commission while working with a familiar face.

5. No Boss

As a real estate agent, you may work for a broker. While they benefit from your sales and help you with certain resources, it is different from an ordinary boss. This means that you are responsible for holding yourself accountable, as no direct manager will be keeping you on task daily.

Get Started Today

The best thing about a real estate agent career is that you can choose to focus on it full-time or part-time, depending on your schedule. You can start out with a few listings, and as your business grows, transfer to more of a full-time role.

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