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5 Creative Business Uses for Vacant Land

Do you currently own vacant properties as an investment?

Owning a piece of vacant land can help you earn extra income. Deciding what to do with it is important to figure out before you sign a contract.

These are five creative business uses for vacant land. Check them out below for inspiration. 

1. Turn Your Vacant Land into a Farm

One of the best ideas out there is to convert your vacant land into farmland. Why not make money with the property you have control over?

Harvesting your own fruits and vegetables will be a profitable small business. Before you dive into the world of farming, be sure to do your research to determine which fruits and vegetables are viable. 

Contact local restaurants and markets to see if they would be interested in purchasing your goods when the time comes. 

2. RV Park

Do you live in a busy area where a lot of campers enjoy driving through? Especially during the summertime, families hit the road with their kids for a fun adventure across the country. Your once vacant land will be a gold mine by the end of the summer once word gets out about your RV park!

Set up an RV park for the people who need a place to park their campers for the night. Charge each camper a fee to use the space and the nearby facilities. Supply the campers with electricity and running water to ensure the best experience for each visitor.  

3. Outdoor Yoga Studio

Another option to turn your vacant land into a money-making machine is to create an outdoor yoga studio. Work with a professional construction company to revamp the space you have. 

Hire professional instructors to lead a few classes each day on your vacant property.

A yoga studio business will be lucrative if you live in a city where young people flock to find a comfortable place to exercise on a weekly basis. Including classes for beginners and experts is also essential. 

4. Pet Park

Dogs need plenty of space to run around.

If you lack the time and resources to build an entire yoga studio, just sit back and put up some fences to turn your vacant land into a fun dog park. Exercise is extremely vital for a healthy animal, so a pet park is another creative idea for your empty lot. 

Order some agility planks online and set them up inside your pet park. Invite people in the neighborhood to visit with their dogs by setting up a Facebook page for your new park. 

5. Wedding Venue

As soon as wedding season hits, brides are searching for the best areas in town to get hitched.

Your vacant lot can provide brides and grooms with the opportunity to get married in a beautiful garden scene once you transform your vacant land into an oasis. Add a pedestrian bridge from this company as a photo spot. 

Take a few trips to your local gardening shops to plant wild blooms just in time for spring.

Weddings in the springtime are your perfect chance to make extra income. Consider turning your vacant land into a wedding venue complete with a massive tent to keep all of the guests happy inside. 

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These are just five ideas to transform your vacant land into something spectacular.

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