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5 Major Warning Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair

Your business’s roof protects the business, employees, and investment which exist inside.  It’s tempting to want to ignore or gloss over signs that your roof may need maintenance or a full replacement. No one wants to pay for these costs, but your small business is counting on the structure it lies within. By ignoring the […]

Got Plans? When You Might Need a Draftsman

You’ve heard of an architect, but what’s a draftsman and when might you need to hire one for your business? Here’s what you need to know. Do you need to hire a draftsman or an architect? Yes, there is a difference between the two. Many people confuse these professions, and while there is some overlap, […]

Building a Home for Your Business: A Guide to the Construction Process

Creating a building from scratch for you business is a big project. Read on to learn what goes into the construction process and how you need to plan ahead. Curious about the building construction process? Did you know it takes from 3 to 6 months to build a house? An apartment complex takes 11 to […]

How to Put a Spark in Your Business as a Local Electrical Contractor

Being a local electrical contractor can be very lucrative. Here are the marketing and business skills you need to master to be the best in the business. Does it feel like your local electrical contractor business isn’t growing as much as it should be? Does all your hard work seem to be getting you nowhere? […]

How to Start a Roofing Business: The Essential Checklist to Follow

There’s a lot to prepare when starting a roofing business. This checklist will cover the basics. Here’s how to start a roofing business. Sales for private roofing contractors increased by 6.3% this year. Roofing can be a lucrative business, but it comes with its own unique challenges. According to The National Roofing Contractors Association, roofing […]

Legal Safety Nets: 7 Tips for Protecting Your Construction Company from Getting Sued

The possibility of getting sued is something every business needs to live with. However, you can stack the odds in your favor with these legal tips. Are you trying to spark up a new construction business? If you are, then there are certain things you need to be aware of first, mainly how to avoid […]

Construction Safety Standards: 5 Things to Know About Safety Footwear

If you have a construction business, are you following OSHA regulations for safety clothing? Check out this guide to the safety footwear standards. It could cost your business $9,600 per lost workday from a foot injury. In 2016 60,000 employees experienced a foot injury that made them miss at least one day from work. About […]

An Entrepreneurial Spirit and a Bit of Elbow Grease: Things You Need When Starting a Roofing Company

Things You Need When Starting a Roofing Company If you’ve got the skills and the desire to be your own boss, we have the tips to help get you on your way. Learn more about what you need when starting a roofing company here! 2018 is a great year to be thinking about starting a […]

5 Big Reasons Small Businesses Have an Eye for Prefabricated Constructions

5 Reasons Small Businesses are Choosing Prefabricated Constructions There are several reasons why small businesses have been considering prefabricated constructions for their business needs. Find out how these construction options are paying off as affordable alternatives to workspaces, storage, and offices. Pre-fab is back with a bang. Having long-suffered an undeserved reputation for being cheap-looking […]

Rarefied Roofs: The Ultimate Guide to All the Different Types of Roofs

Rarefied Roofs: The Ultimate Guide to All the Different Roof Styles When Ezra Koenig said “I can see the mansard roof through the trees,” he was just flexing his roof knowledge. If you want to know more about roofs than the Vampire Weekend frontman, check out this guide to all the different roof styles available […]