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Pole Building vs Stick-Frame: 5 Reasons Why Post-Frame Construction Works Better

There are more than 2 million farms in the US. Most agricultural operations have one or more barns. But, barns can be made in a variety of ways and have different characteristics.

There are two main ways barns are made. These are through pole-frame and stick-frame construction. Known as pole buildings, structures that are made using this method tend to be the most popular choice.

Below, we’ll tell you the difference between a stick-frame and a pole building. We’ll also share a few benefits of pole-frames and tell you why they have a great choice.

What is Pole Building?

Simply put, pole buildings are structures that are made using pole frames. In other words, the parts are pre-cut and put together on the site. Barns are one of the most common types of pole building. For this reason, many folks use the two words and synonyms.

Barns are an extremely important part of any farm. If you are looking to erect one of these structures, make sure you find a reliable Pole Barn Builder. This will help guarantee the quality and overall success of your project.

Pole Building vs Stick Frame

Stick-frame structures are built from scratch using lumber and other materials. Manufacturers of pole buildings, on the other hand, make them off-site. Then, they transport the individual parts to the area where the building will stand.

Pole barns are just as robust as other types of structures. And, you can also tailor them to your needs before the manufacturing takes place.

5 Reasons Why Pole Building Wins

Owning any kind of small business is challenging, especially a farm. Pole buildings bring an array of benefits, including:

1. Low-Cost Foundation

Pole buildings sit on the ground and don’t need a solid foundation. In some cases, you may be able to place the structure without investing in the foundation at all. When you do have to invest, it’ll cost little in comparison with other buildings. But, keep in mind there won’t be a crawlspace or basement either.

2. Flexible

Site conditions can affect the cost and other parts of your construction. Pole buildings are flexible because they can accommodate for changing soil wall pressure. And, they can do so without the need for excavating.

3. Easier to Add Exterior Elements

If you choose a pole barn, you’ll find that adding porches and other elements is easier than stick-frames.

4. Faster Construction Time

Pole buildings are only put together on-site. The rest of the process is carried out in a factory. This makes the construction process much quicker.

5. More Robust Structures

Thanks to modern advancements, manufacturers use durable materials for pole buildings. What’re more, they have large parts than traditional structures. And, larger components tend to last longer.

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The stick-frame and the pole building are the two most common types of barns. That said, pole barns bring an array of benefits that are hard to bypass. The comparison above should help you choose the best type for your operation.

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