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The Top 9 Benefits of Using Steel Framework Construction for Your Building

The average size of the metal buildings in construction today is 26,774 square feet. These large buildings are possible thanks to the unique features that building with steel affords. 

Steel framework construction has grown in popularity over the last few years thanks to its affordability and ease of erection. If you are considering building a large structure, then you need to look at steel framework buildings. 

Keep reading for 9 benefits of these durable buildings.  

1. Affordable Construction 

There is no denying that you will save money by choosing a steel building. Much of these savings come from reduced labor and construction time. However, there are other ways you benefit financially. 

First, steel is recyclable. This means you’ll have reduced landfill fees for materials. You can also take advantage of subsidized programs that will pick up steel and metal waste for you. 

You could also look into selling your scrap metal. Steel is a ferrous metal. Shreddable steel goes for about $130 per ton.

2. Safe Against the Weather Elements 

In many areas of the country, we face devastating natural disasters. For example, there are hurricanes in the south, tornadoes in the Midwest, or mudslides and earthquakes in the west. 

Steel buildings have an unprecedented ability to withstand these natural events. They can stand up to high winds, fires, and heavy snow loads. They can also maintain structural integrity through a seismic event. 

If you live in an area that experience high winds, be sure to select a steel building that is rated for high wind

3. Durable 

Your steel building requires less maintenance than wood frame buildings. Most need a fresh paint of oat every few years. 

This makes them the smarter choice long term. You can expect your steel building to remain useful for at least 50 years. 

Throughout the lifetime of the building, this will save you tens of thousands of dollars. 

4. Lighter Weight 

When you build with wood, things will get heavy fast. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the steel frame building will weigh less. 

If you weight a 2 x 4 of steel and wood, obviously the steel weighs more. But more wood is required to make the same structurally sound building as steel. 

Steel I-beams provide a high amount of strength and weigh less than Parallam beams, LVL, and glulams. 

This lighter weight is an advantage when it comes time to pay for shipping. Less weight means lower shipping costs. 

A lighter finished building means your foundation doesn’t have to be as robust. With fewer requirements for the foundation and structural support systems, your building budget is lower. 

5. Build Faster 

Time is money and the faster your building goes up, the lower your costs. With a shorter build time, you’ll have reduced labor costs. 

If you are on a time crunch that you risk having your construction crew rushing. When this happens, steps are skipped, and mistakes are made. This puts both the workers and the building at risk. 

The steel components are engineered for their specific purpose before shipment. That way everything is ready for assembly upon arrival at the construction site. 

6. Stay Pest Free 

Wood is a natural material that attracts pests. One of the main insects attracted is termites. These little creatures burrow their way through the wood. 

This compromises the integrity of the wood and puts your entire building at risk. If left untreated, the whole structure is at risk for falling. 

There are no bugs that can do this to steel buildings. Any animal that does decide to make their home in your steel building can be easily removed. 

7. No Rotting 

Even if you keep the bugs away from your wood frame building, you still have to contend with moisture. Wet wood will rot and become soft. You will then have to pay to replace every piece of rotted wood. 

Instead, a steel building is not susceptible to rotting. 

8. Easy to Finish the Interior 

When looking at your construction costs, you’ll notice that 28.6% of your budget goes to finishing the interior. With a steel building, these costs are reduced. 

You can use your steel building just as it is. This will be perfect if you intend to use your building for storage or as a garage. Or you can insulate and drywall and have a finished building. 

All you need to do is unroll the extra wide insulation. Fill all of the gaps to prevent air leakage. Then hang your drywall over the insulation. That’s it; you’re done. 

9. No Interior Walls Means Versatility 

Thanks to the strength of the steel beams, you do not have to have interior supporting walls. This means you aren’t limited to how you want to use your building. 

Buildings like these can work well for a variety of uses:

  • Garage
  • Warehouse
  • Storage
  • Shops 
  • Offices 
  • Religious center 
  • Barn 

Since the entire building is an open space inside, you are only limited by your imagination. If you want to break up the space, you can build interior walls to divide up the space. 

Decide later on that you want to move a wall? No problem! Since none of them are load building, you can tear down and move walls to wherever you like. 

Choose Steel Framework Construction

Steel framework construction gives you an affordable building option for your next project. The low construction cost and long term durability make it a smart choice for anyone on a budget. 

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