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5 Major Warning Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair

Your business’s roof protects the business, employees, and investment which exist inside. 

It’s tempting to want to ignore or gloss over signs that your roof may need maintenance or a full replacement. No one wants to pay for these costs, but your small business is counting on the structure it lies within. By ignoring the signs that your roof needs some attention, bigger problems for your business could arise later on. 

A roof that needs maintenance could also signal other problems for the building structure in the future as well. In the end, repairing the roof can help you to cut down on your business expenses.

Want to know the 5 major signs your commercial roof needs repaired or replaced?

Read on to learn what to look for and whether to replace or repair.

How to Know When Your Commercial Roof Needs Repairs

1. Leaks and Moisture

If you notice any water leaks, stains, or changes in moisture conditions inside your building then this is a big red flag that your roof needs repairs. If the building seems more humid than normal, this could also be an indication that the roof is not adequately blocking water from seeping into the insulation. 

If you notice more pests inside your commercial building, this could also be a sign that water is entering and that the roof isn’t doing its job right. 

2. Rust

If your roof is showing signs of rust, then it’s time look into getting it repaired. Metal roofs all have a protective coating which protects the metal from water, but over time this protective coating wears out. When it wears out, the metal is then directly exposed to the elements, particularly water, which then causes it to rust. 

3. Higher Energy Bills

Higher than normal energy bills may indicate that your roof is not protecting the building from the elements. As cold or hot air is allowed to enter the building through the roof, your climate control systems are forced to work over time. Higher energy bills could also mean that your roof reflective properties have a deteriorated and are now less effective at insulating the interior. 

4. Noticeable Damage

If the roof is sagging, panels are missing or loose, or the roof appears to be worn down then a repair may be in order. 

A roofing company will be able to access the damage. If you catch it early enough, the damage may not spread other parts of the roof allowing for only the noticeably damaged parts to be fixed.

5. Less Effective Water Removal

If the drains, flashing, and gutters surrounding your commercial roof seem to be less effective, then it could indicate that water is pooling on the roof. During a rainstorm, for example, these elements should work together to remove water from pooling on the roof. If not working properly, the roof could sustain extensive damage before its expected lifespan.

Feeling More Confident about Your Commerical Roof Repair Needs?

Running a business is a challenging endeavor. There are many hats to wear, but maintaining your business’s structure is vital to its success. 

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