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Nailing the Best Practices: Construction Site Safety Tips

Did you know that over 4,674 construction workers died on the job in 2017? Out of the 5,147 workplace deaths that occurred in 2017, one in five people that died was a construction worker? 

When time is literally money in the construction industry. How can you go about ensuring the safety of yourself and the people that you work with?

Looking to improve your construction site safety? Here are a few tips to help keep you and your employees safe! 

1. Training

The majority of training that a construction worker will need to be able to succeed in their position will be provided by on the job experience. The  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (AKA OSHA) publishes training information and other resources that help businesses to ensure that their employees are trained on safety practices. 

Even if your company consists of experienced employees, making sure that your employees are regularly trained on construction safety throughout the year will help your employees to enforce safety rules when they aren’t being followed by other employees. 

2. Developing Communication  

When employees aren’t sure what to expect when working a job, they’re more likely to get injured. Having a daily safety meeting that briefs your employees on job expectations, job activities, and goals will help to reduce the chances of your employees being unaware of situations that could put their health at risk. 

Supplying employees with devices that allow them to quickly communicate with team members (such as walkie talkies) allow team members to communicate with one another, which will keep employees informed in case there are any potential safety issues. 

3. Proper PPE

PPE helps to make sure that you’re protected in the case an unforeseen dangerous situation arises. PPE (personal protective equipment) are supposed to be provided to employees by the company they’re employed by.

Anti-slip footwear, hard hats, and protective eyewear are examples of PPE that construction employees should provide to you while you’re working on a job. Is your employer refusing to provide you with the proper PPE for you to do your job safely, and as a result, you were injured? Contact Adams Law Group today!

4. Maintaining Equipment 

If your construction equipment isn’t maintained, the chances of an accident happening increases.

Each piece of equipment that’s going to be used should be inspected before use. If there are any damages to the machine upon inspection, should be fixed.

Keeping all construction equipment maintained will help to ensure that your machines are dependable. Plus, it’ll keep your employees safe while they’re working for your company!

Improving Construction Site Safety

At the end of the day, making sure that you and your co-workers understand construction site safety is critical to helping prevent accidents. Keeping your team up-to-date on the latest safety training, learning how to develop a solid line of communication, staying aware, and making sure that equipment is maintained are all excellent ways to create a safe working environment. 

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