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10 Digital Marketing Solutions for a Home Improvement Company

Digital Marketing Solutions for a Home Improvement Biz.

Are you having trouble reaching the number of potential clients you need to? Here are 10 digital marketing solutions for a home improvement company.

Has your home improvement business slowed down? Don’t despair, implement digital marketing solutions.

It’s a fact that 81% of consumers research companies online before making a buying decision. That means you need to be active online in order to boost your bottom line.

If you’re looking for creative ways to improve your business, stay tuned for the top 10 digital marketing solutions for your business.

Have Digital Touchpoints in Every Buying Stage

When people decide to hire a contractor, they do so in stages.

The first stage is awareness. At this point, they’ve become aware that they need to make a change in their home. A couple of examples are if a homeowner decided that their kitchen is too small and it’s time to explore options to change that.

At this stage, they’re looking at options, which can range from a complete remodel to selling the home.

The second stage is consideration. This when they become very clear about the issue, and they start researching more concrete options as to the potential costs, the styles they want, and materials used.

The final stage is the decision stage. This is where a potential customer is clear that a remodel is what they want to do, and now they’re looking at home improvement companies to help them accomplish that.

Knowing that people buy in stages, over an extended period of time, your digital marketing solutions need to be in front of customers throughout the process.

Have a Very Useful Blog

When people are first starting to look at home improvement options, they’re going to look online. At this stage, they’re just looking for information.

At this point, you want to position yourself as the friendly contractor by writing up content that answers questions. For example, “Top 5 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen” and “Most Expensive Home Upgrades” will be things that potential customers are looking for.

Offer Downloadable Content

People will look at your content and then move on to the next website. How can you capture their information and reach out to them?

Offer an ebook or guide that will solve their problem. For example, you can offer a guide about the home renovation process, talk about the permit process, and potential pitfalls. To get the guide, a person has to submit an email address.

Now you can continue your outreach to them.

Gain a Following on Social Media

When you publish content from your blog and other publications, you can use social media to distribute that content.

When you start to build a community, have fun with the content. Feel free to post videos, show how you participate in the community, and show off your favorite projects.

Tell stories about different projects, too. You can take people on the entire journey from start to finish.

Take Advantage of Video

Video is a huge part of social media these days. Not only is video growing, but it also influences buyers.

Not sure how to use video? Here’s an idea. People love home improvement shows like Property Brothers and This Old House.

You can bring the home improvement show experience to your customers through Facebook live or YouTube. You can take people on the home improvement journey and give yourself a way to show your dedication to projects and the finished product.

Use Local SEO

If you want to be found online, you will need to learn SEO or outsource this to an SEO firm. SEO is one of the top digital marketing solutions because people turn to search engines when they’re looking for information.

Not only that, three-quarters of searches don’t go past the first page of results. You need to give yourself a chance to be found!

Blogging will help boost search results, as will getting other companies to link to your site. You also want to be sure that your listings in various search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing are claimed and filled out correctly.

Use Paid Digital Marketing Solutions

Paid advertising is a good way to grow aggressively if you have the budget. The most common online advertising networks are Google’s Adwords and Facebook. Both have different advantages and disadvantages.

For home improvement ads, Adwords is highly competitive and will cost more, while Facebook advertising is good for lead generation.

Regardless of which platform you use, you must know how much you’re willing to spend per lead.

Email Marketing

Your list of people in your network is your most valuable asset.

It’s important to stay on top of them on a regular basis while they’re in the process of making a decision.

It’s also a way to keep in the mind of past customers and others in your network as you build your list. That way, they’ll remember your business when it’s time for them to give a referral.

Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews are more and more influential in the customer’s buying journey. When a client has decided that they want home improvement work done and they’re researching contractors, they will look online.

Those customers are influenced by reviews, and they take them as seriously as a personal referral.

Take a look this website and see how they use customer reviews on the left side of the sidebar.

Ask for Referrals

Asking for referrals isn’t limited to asking people in person or over the phone. You can ask for referrals periodically over your social media channels and email marketing.

It doesn’t have to be awkward and it’s not desperate. It’s actually good business. It can be as short and sweet as “Do you know anyone who would find this useful? Feel free to share.”

Again, you’re positioning yourself as useful and credible. This builds the trust in the minds of the buyer.

Have a Plan for Your Digital Marketing Solutions

The most important part of using digital marketing solutions is having a set plan. Before you set out on using all of the digital marketing solutions listed here, be sure to set out your marketing goals.

This way, you’ll be able to tell what’s working and what’s not.

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