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The Best Contractor Management Software Every GC Needs

Did you know that 1.2 million residential housing projects get planned each year in the United States of America? Working as a general contractor is no easy task, and failure to use the right tools that you have at your disposal only makes your job more difficult. Contractor management software is one of the most beneficial tools that any contractor can add to their toolbox.

Working with the best construction software makes it much easier to keep all of your subcontractors on schedule. It allows you to check off each step of building a new home. Failure to use construction project management software could lead to a nightmare of a building project.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn all about your best options for construction software in 2022. Keep reading to learn all about the construction software companies to check out for your software needs today!


JobProgress offers you everything that you’ll need in order to manage your construction projects from start to finish. It is an all-inclusive software program that operates on the cloud for easy access and collaboration. You’ll have no problems monitoring the progress of each task when it comes to the job site and the construction project.

Another great benefit of JobProgress is the fact that it is compatible with mobile devices and it offers an app that you can use. You’ll have a difficult time finding construction software that is easier to learn and use than JobProgress.

It has features that allow for customized jobs that give you an update on the workflow through an innovative dashboard. It also comes with tools that make sales and marketing much easier. You can use this construction software to market your construction company and get more jobs.


Procore is one of the best construction software companies out there, and they’ve been in business for 20 years. Procore also uses the cloud for their construction software services and they’re quite popular. Procore claims that there are 1.6 million users for their software programs for construction projects.

It is meant to help every builder with residential construction projects and it is known to make it easy to set and work within a budget. You can manage all of your projects and keep an eye on your financial status using this helpful software option.

Everyone from construction company owners to subcontractors uses Procore. It is perfect for their construction projects since it has so many useful features. It comes with accounting and financial tools built-in, and it also includes quality and safety protocols that you should use at the job site. Pair that with the services and

Contractors Software Group

Contractors Software Group has been in business since 1984. It focuses on selling commercial and residential construction software programs. There are different varieties of software programs for different jobs and purposes. There are programs for people that handle putting siding on homes and programs for general contractors.

Each variety of software is tailored to meet the needs of the different construction positions. The nice thing about this software program is that it is a module. You don’t have to purchase a bunch of unnecessary things in order to get the features that you need. 

You can purchase certain things that meet your needs without a bunch of extras that you’ll never use. You’ll get features that help with project management and estimations, as well as tax forms for the construction project.


The person that founded CoConstruct did so because of the chaos that they experienced when trying to build a home in 2004. After that experience, the founder set out to make a difference. They built a construction software program that would make things more organized. It makes a big difference for builders, subcontractors, and homebuyers alike.

CoConstruct comes with a helpful app that is great for preparing estimates and making bids on construction jobs. It is also perfect for managing teams that are working on different construction jobs. If you use QuickBooks for your construction company’s accounting needs then you’ll love CoConstruct. It integrates with QuickBooks seamlessly.

It comes with a bunch of templates and features to help you with customer relationship management. It also makes coordination between the field and the office at your construction company a breeze. Best of all, you can make helpful to-do lists that will make monitoring your building progress a walk in the park.


Bluebeam is a construction software company that has been in business since the year 2002. It is a construction project management software program that has drawn great reviews. Construction professionals and design firms all across the United States of America love it. There are more than 2 million users of Bluebeam across the globe.

The primary goal that Bluebeam has expressed is to allow users to finish their construction projects on time and within the set budget. It is one of the best construction software options for large construction companies. This is thanks to its many features that work with computers as well as iPads.


Fieldwire is a newer option in the world of contractor software as it has only been around since 2013. It is designed for use by teams that are working on construction projects of all sizes. It is tailored to meet the needs of general contractors and subcontractors that are working on construction projects.

They’re one of the best construction software options if you want free construction software. They also have different premium packages. These include additional features at an affordable price. If you’re a small construction company then you’ll love everything that Fieldwire provides.

You’ll get to add five users for free when you choose to use this construction software. You’ll get real-time progress reports on all sections of your construction project.

Get the Perfect Construction Management Software Today

Getting construction management software for your construction company is a great move. It will allow you to stay within your budget and collaborate with subcontractors and team members. Make sure that you also get features to help with marketing and accounting at your construction company. You should also look for construction software options that are based on the cloud.

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