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7 Reasons You Should Consider Steel Frame Construction for Your Garage

A steel frame garage is an exciting project.

You are wise to thoroughly consider your options. A modern garage is not just a place to park your car. The technology of modern steel frames and accessories allows the garage owner to be flexible in the use and function of the building.

Modern garages are an additional home space. This can be designed with multiple purposes in mind. Parking your car is the most traditional reason but there are many other reasons. These include creating an area for a gym or a space for craftwork, or other home project and interests. Some architects are designing garages to be the owners’ ‘showroom’ for their favorite toys. 

Whatever your needs are you can be sure that a steel frame will provide many advantages. In this article, you will discover 7 reasons why you should consider a steel frame for your garage.

1. Save Money With a Steel Frame

Cost is always high on the priority list when it comes to considering the pros and cons of construction material. Although it is true that steel is not cheap, you must give consideration to the overall cost of your building or garage. 

It is accepted in the construction industry that the overall cost of a building or its life cycle cost is majorly affected by the cost of ongoing maintenance. If your maintenance costs are kept to a minimum because of the design and durability of the construction materials, then you will save money overall. That is one of the cost-saving principles behind using steel construction versus other materials such as wood.

2. Steel Keeps Getting Better

What exactly does that mean, that steel is getting better? Steel production has a long history and that means there is strong competition within the industry to produce the best steel and at the best prices.

The production of steel continues to innovate so that the steel is better and cheaper. That means two things for the purchaser. You can save money or you can afford to build a bigger space. Of course, that is dependent on other factors too.

Still, you can be reassured that if you opt for a steel frame you will get more for your money and a high-quality product.

3. Save Time With Steel

Using a steel frame for your garage can reap further rewards. One of them is the reduced construction time. Pre-molded steel parts allow for the assembly and construction of your garage quickly. 

Wood is a beautiful material and definitely has its place in construction. However, it can be time-consuming piecing a wooden frame together as factors such as the weather can influence the building material. Steel is not like that, it can be quickly assembled.

Once again, that may mean financial savings as it leads to reduced labor and even reduced interest costs during the construction phase. 

4. Stand Up to the Weather

Will my building frame material stand up to the weather? That’s the question you need to ask yourself. Of course, if you live in a place where the weather is more extreme then this becomes a more pressing question.

Using steel framing is an excellent option as it is almost unrivaled in its ability to withstand bad weather. That includes disasters like fire and even seismic activity. 

A steel frame is an excellent choice to stand up to high winds and heavy snowfall. A strong and sturdy structure like a steel-framed garage may even mean that your insurance premiums are cheaper because it is such a robust material.

5. Strength and Versatility

These are rare properties that come together. Often, the strength of a material negates its use for certain applications. That is not the case with steel.

Steel can be molded into almost any shape and pattern while retaining its structural strength. This makes it an extremely appealing material for creative designers and architects. 

If you have the freedom to design your own garage and you want to be creative, then steel will allow you to do that. In fact, these attributes of steel will allow you to consider options that may not have been possible before. 

For example, in the past, some walls in your house were non-negotiable. They cannot be knocked down as they are load-bearing. That changes with the use of steel as a way of extending rooms or creating additional space with a steel frame that can serve a load-bearing function for some areas of the house.

6. Steel Complements Other Materials

Some people would acknowledge the benefits of steel but are reluctant to use it as the sole material for construction. Perhaps they feel it is not as attractive or it does not offer other desirable properties like insulation. 

Every material has its strengths and weaknesses, but one of the excellent qualities of steel is that it works very well with other materials such as wood. Combining a steel frame with other materials offers the sum benefit of those materials together. 

7. Love Steel, Love the Environment

This is not a phrase you hear often, but it’s the truth. Steel is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Millions of tons of steel are recycled every year. That means it’s one of the world’s most recycled materials.

This also means that recycled steel isn’t occupying landfill sites and damaging the earth. So if you opt for steel, you can do so with a good conscience that you are doing your part for the planet.

Steel Is a Steal

Using a steel frame for your garage makes sense and is loaded with benefits. In this article, we have reviewed 7 excellent reasons why you should use a steel frame for your garage. 

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