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3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Contractor for Your Office Renovation

Remodeling office space can improve your business productivity, but it can be costly, not to mention disruptive.

With the average cost of an office renovation at around $200 per square foot, it’s important to find a building contractor who will keep costs to a minimum.

So how can you find a contractor who will make your remodeled office an effective place to work in? Asking the right questions before you hire could save you from making a very expensive mistake.

Here are 3 of the most important questions to ask a contractor as part of your renovation planning.

What Experience Does Your Company Have?

If you’re paying for a contractor to start remodeling office space, you’ll want to ensure they’re competent and capable of doing the job right. To help you do that, ask a contractor about their past experiences.

Have they completed similar work in the past, keeping to an agreed budget and the design spec in the process? Were there any issues that impacted on their work?

If they’re inexperienced, or they don’t have suitable references, look for other contracting firms that do have the experience, and who can back up their promises with evidence. 

Experience, while not a guarantee of quality, will help you judge whether you’re getting value for your money.

What Are Your Licenses, Insurance Policies, and Guarantees?

You don’t want a contractor that isn’t licensed, insured and can’t offer you suitable guarantees on their work.

Depending on your state, a contractor may need licensing from state authorities to complete any building work. If they’re licensed and competent, ask the contracting firm if they’re covered for the work they do.

If they’re injured on your property, or they cause damage they won’t or can’t fix, who is at fault? You don’t want your budget to spiral out of control because of issues like this.

Before you agree to any work, confirm whether the contractor offers any guarantees or warranties on the work. If something breaks down within a year, will they be obligated to fix the problem?

Don’t start any kind of commercial renovation project like this without thinking through the entire process. Here are 5 other things you should consider before building work begins.

How Much Will This Project Cost?

Getting quotes for the work you want is important to help you budget for the work properly. Before you hire, ask a contractor to give you a suitable quote for the project.

How much will it cost you, from start to finish, for labor and materials? Can the firm complete all of the work, or will they also need to bring in outside help? 

Consider these costs before you sign up to any work and don’t settle for the first contractor you find. Be sure to check their website before you sign up, too.

Construction firms like Lloyd Nabors Demolition, for example, make clear their specialisms, relevant experience, and contact details on their front page. This can help you narrow down your list when you’re considering different contractors.

If you’re worried about costs spiraling, you should also consider having a renovation checklist to help you keep your project under budget.

Don’t Leave Your Renovation Planning to Chance

When it comes down to your renovation planning, choosing the right contractor can make or break the whole project.

Make sure any building firm you hire is licensed, experienced, and happy to work to your budget. Asking these questions can help you hire a building firm that won’t leave you out of pocket.

Your office space isn’t the only area of your business you can change to help boost your productivity. Take a look at some of our productivity articles for more ideas on how to get the best out of your business.