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Gain Visibility! 5 Critical SEO Techniques to Bring New Clients to Your Roofing Business

When it comes to generating leads for your business you need a practical approach. A combination of free and paid options can help your roofing company thrive.

There are many websites online but this doesn’t mean you can’t break through a make a local name for yourself.

Keep reading to discover some must-do SEO techniques to give your business a boost in visibility.

Complete Your ‘Google My Business’ Profile

In 2019, the state of the internet is far more saturated. When companies started blogging for visibility, local businesses wanted to know how they could get in on the action. 

Enter Google My Business.

A GMB profile is all the information people searching the internet need to find you. It’s free to use and can help you gain leads. 

Travel to to fill out the information. Make sure to optimize your information for search. Use industry specific keywords everywhere you can.

50% of people that search for a business will travel to that business within 24hrs. You want to make sure your business is easy to find and contact.

Get Visible On Social Platforms

Social platforms won’t help you rank better on Google but they will help foster relationships with potential clients. Also, if someone searches for your business, it’s likely that your social profiles will show up in the results. 

More than ever, customers want to trust the companies they do business with. Putting your brand voice front and center will help them get a feel for your values. This will lead to more trust and a higher likelihood of them doing business with you.

Social media is also a great way to showcase your work. Clients will see immediately if you can help them with their problems.

Targeted Facebook ads are also a great way to bring in local leads. Your organic reach will not get to everyone. A good ad strategy can help target people that will be the perfect customers for you. For example, run ads for free roof evaluations after a major storm passes through the area. It can help capture clients who don’t know that their roof may have suffered damage. 

Boost Your Ratings and Reviews

Word-of-mouth reigns supreme. Though a friend is best, customers will trust online reviews as if it had come straight from their bestie.

Ask your previous customers to write good reviews for your business. Then plaster those reviews on your website and social. This will capture the attention of their friend groups and result in more leads for you.

On review sites, claim your listing. This is the same concept as Google My Business. You want to fill in the contact information, adding keywords to descriptions. If there is a spot for photos, present your completed projects.

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Make Industry Friends

This isn’t really an SEO technique but it will help you generate leads. This kind of marketing is a good ole fashion meet and greet. Contact businesses in your industry to see if they can use a roofer on the team.

Contractors routinely use other businesses to complete projects. They may also be able to tell you about any possible leads as long as it doesn’t directly compete with their business.

Fix Up Your Website

This tip is not new but because 40% of local businesses still don’t have websites, it bears repeating. A site that ranks well in Google has a responsive design, is easy to navigate, and contains useful information.

A responsive design means that you can view the site on a mobile device without having to side scroll. The best designs help customers find what they are looking for quickly.

A site that is easy to navigate has a fast loading time and intuitive layout. Content that uses popular industry keywords and shares useful information will keep people on the page longer.

Successful SEO Techniques Get Results

Using SEO techniques for your business is not an overnight success story. It can take a few weeks to a few months before you start to see major results. Don’t become discouraged, your future business-self will thank you.

By completing a few online forms, and optimizing your website, your leads will increase steadily. Get visible with social media to keep your customers coming back to you and referring you time after time.

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