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How to Market Your Construction Company in This Digital Age

Getting your company name out there in a bustling economy takes a lot of work. Learn how to market your construction company in this digital age today!

As of June 2017, there are over 286 million internet users in the United States alone.

As a result, brands are pushing aggressive marketing campaigns over the internet. That’s why ads are everywhere – because they work.

But can you market your construction company in this digital age as well?

Of course! But, you don’t need to follow what everybody else is doing. You can implement strategies specific made for you.

If you’re starting out, you may find the internet a big place for you. But that’s good! You need a big space you can grow into.

Still, you can start small and work your way up. Let us show you the ways to start effective digital campaigns!

Set Your Marketing Goals

The most important thing in this list is setting your goals. This is what will drive your marketing campaigns forward. This is also what you’ll refer to when you’re reviewing your campaign results.

Your marketing goals should tie in with your business goals. If you want to increase customers by 30%, you can make generating more leads in the digital space your goal.

So how will you do that?

That’s where planning comes in. Once you’ve set goals that match your company’s, you can start researching.

Study the trends in your industry, and learn what strategy works best for your business. When you’ve done so, coming up with a strategy is easier.

Dream big, but start small. Set smaller goals that are realistic. You can only go bigger from there.

However, don’t forget to also challenge yourself with your goals.

Build a Website for Your Construction Company

To market your construction company in this digital age, build a presence online. You can start by creating a website for your business.

You can start with registering a domain, which can be your brand name. You can find out available domains through an Internet domain registrar. You can also register through one as well.

The next step is to host your website. You’ll have to buy space on the world wide web so your website can go live. This will also determine the pages’ loading speed.

Then, you can start building it. Remember to keep it simple. Visitors don’t like confusing layouts.

An easier alternative is to find a service that can all do these things for you.

Hire SEO & SEM Experts

Now you want search engines to notice your website. When users enter a keyword on Google, it lists all the related websites. You’ll see the most relevant ones on top, which is where you want to be.

You can do it by publishing content on your website, such as articles. For better hits with search engines, you should optimize them.

This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in. These are techniques that can make your website appear at the top. Do keep in mind that every business should focus on local SEO first.

SEO experts can use their knowledge to come up with the best keywords to use in your website’s content. They can also give you advice on what to put on your page.

For example, if you want to lure people in need of garage buildings metal carports on Google, create articles with those exact keywords. Your website will show up when users enter these keywords.

Another way to get high-ranking placements in search engines is by paying. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is paying for advertisements. SEO and SEM together can get your website maximum visibility.

Use Social Media to Market Your Construction Company in This Digital Age

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is another way to get traction online. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other apps can help you reach more people because of their feature.

On Facebook, even one person liking or commenting on your page can give you exposure. Their friends will see these actions, and so your page will appear in their feed.

Smart and witty posts can go viral. That’s why businesses nowadays use videos that can get people talking.

These social media platforms also have advertisement plans. Buying ad spaces on these websites can get you on the home page of people’s accounts, thus giving you the potential to catch the eyes of their millions of users.

You have to make sure that the ad is appealing – something that the users will want to click.

About 53% of internet users in the United States use Facebook several times a day. So make it count.

Measure Your Conversions

Getting active on social media and publishing posts on your website are not enough. You have to track your progress!

There are various digital marketing tools that can help you measure your conversions. You will see how many visits you’ve gained from which channel – from search engines, social media, paid advertisements, and such.

This will help you see which strategies are actually working and which are not. Specific tools will also let you see the engagement rate of certain campaigns.

This is the time to review if you’re meeting your goals.

Are you getting the expected engagement from Instagram? Are you paying too much for ads, which brought back little results?

When you have enough data, don’t hesitate to change your strategy! You may focus on the campaigns that actually work for you.

Experiment Different Ways to Market Your Construction Company in This Digital Age

If you’re not getting the results you want, change some things to see how this will affect your conversion.

For example, tweeting less might be more beneficial. Some brands have found that tweeting more doesn’t mean more engagement.

This might mean that you’re spending an unnecessary amount of time and money to someone who can tweet 20 times a day when you only need 5 tweets. That’s why you always track your conversion.

When you fewer visitors than you anticipated, there might be something wrong with the SEO. Make sure you hire a professional or try SEM.

Don’t stick to one strategy.

Don’t Stop Learning

Trends change. New technologies arrive.

Keep yourself open to these new changes so your business can keep up with the changing times. Construction companies who failed to adapt to changes already failed.

Keep learning through our blog or engage with us through our forum, where we deliver you fresh tips for your businesses. Discover new ways to market your construction company in this digital age.