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5 Garage Flooring Ideas to Consider

You’ve just moved into a new house. While everything looks great, the garage floors could do with some work. You’ve noticed a few cracks and they lost their original color a long time ago. The good news is that you’ve got plenty of flooring options available to you. 

There is epoxy, paint, interlocking tiles, mats, and peel-and-stick tiles. Whichever of these garage flooring ideas you go with all depends on how you want to floor to look and how you need it to function.

To help you get the best of aesthetics and function, we’re going to be elaborating a little further on these ideas. Keep reading for your complete flooring guide.

1. Epoxy 

Epoxy is often confused or lumped in with paint because they are both applied to your garage floor using rollers. There is a huge difference between the two, however. 

Due to the way epoxy dries, it creates a harder more durable coat. When you’re picking up your epoxy, make sure you don’t get it confused with epoxy paint. The paint only has a little bit of epoxy in it so it’s not as durable.  

2. Paint

Even though paint isn’t as durable as epoxy, it’s still a viable option. You can use concrete paint to cover up rust and other stains on your garage floor. If you do decide to go the paint route, try to get some with the epoxy resin. 

It will make the coat a little harder and a bit more resistant to stains. Also, make sure the can you buy says concrete paint. Regular paint won’t do the trick.  

3. Interlocking Tiles 

Interlocking tiles from racedeck garage floors are made of quality materials like rubber and vinyl. They come in several different colors and patterns so you can create a unique look that screams you. 

They’re perfect for covering up cracks in your concrete. Keep in mind that they won’t work as well if your floor isn’t level. 

4. Mats 

If you’re looking for a floor option that will take the least amount of time and work then you’ll want to go with mats. They roll out on the floor without you having to do much prep work at all. 

You can get mats that look like a rug or you can find some that are more like gym mats. It all depends on your needs and aesthetics. 

5. Peel-and-Stick Tiles  

If your floor is level and crack-free for the most part then you can do peel-and-stick tiles rather than the interlocking ones if you want. These aren’t like kitchen tiles. They’re made out of heavy-duty materials. 

They’re easy to install, it’s not too hard to cut them, and you can arrange them in whatever pattern you want. 

Garage Flooring Ideas To Think About 

Do you need to put down a new floor in your garage? There are many options available that will look good and keep your floor safe from damage and stains. Consider one of these great garage flooring ideas for your project. 

Now that your garage is in top shape you can use it as a home office or run your own repair shop. Check out our blog daily for advice to help you run your business.