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5 Reasons Why Rental Construction Equipment Is Good For Business

Construction is one of those businesses that keeps chugging along throughout the ups and downs of the coronavirus pandemic.

While OSHA safety measures changed, most things stayed the same. One thing that will never change so long as work continues is the need for construction equipment.

If you don’t do construction work often, buying this equipment isn’t the best use of your money. Even though rental construction equipment might seem expensive, it’s actually the cheaper and better option in those situations.

Here are five reasons your business can’t afford not to rent.

1. It Won’t Sit Unused for Days on End

If you own construction equipment but don’t often do construction, your equipment will sit gathering dust for days, weeks, or even months. Not only is this kind of sad, but it’s also a waste of your money.

Why pay thousands of dollars on a backhoe only to park it and leave it? There’s no sense in doing that, and renting construction equipment is a great way to avoid it. Because you return the equipment as soon as you’re done using it, you won’t spend as much money as you would if you bought it.

2. Forget About Storage Costs

A cost related to lonely, unused equipment—or any tools—is storage. This cost isn’t often considered at the outset by companies buying construction equipment. 

Renting from a construction equipment supplier means you don’t have to spend extra on a lot or garage for the machines.

3. You Won’t Have to Worry About Maintenance

When you buy construction equipment, yet another cost is maintenance. If construction isn’t your focus, it’s unlikely that you know how to service your construction equipment.

When you rent equipment, maintenance is often handled by the rental company.

4. You Can Afford Different Kinds of Rental Construction Equipment

Heavy machinery and other construction equipment are big purchases. If you need a variety of construction tools — as you do for most projects — these costs add up fast.

When you rent construction equipment, the money you save on each tool makes it easier to afford all kinds of machinery.

You can get bulldozers, steamrollers, and even things you may not think of as construction equipment, like air compressors. See here for more information on construction equipment you might not have considered.

5. You Save on Insurance

There’s no hiding that using heavy machinery is a risky activity. Not only is it a danger to workers’ and others’ lives, but it’s also a property damage risk. For these reasons, insurance for construction is valuable.

When you rent construction equipment, you can often skirt some of these costs. Sometimes you can have insurance only for the period you rent the equipment. You also won’t need insurance that covers damage to the equipment.

Steer Your Business Through Stormy Waters

These five reasons to rent construction equipment will save your business money. Making room in your budget gives your company a better chance of making it through these hard times.

Once you set your business up with rental construction equipment for your next project, take a look at our site for other business tips. We have everything you need to be a shining success in all areas of business.