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What Is Robotic Process Automation? How Rpa Is Changing the Way We Work

In recent years, robots have been taking over domains previously dominated by humans. Robotic process automation (RPA) is spearheading this major development. The term refers to a set of technologies that emulate or integrate human work. RPA robots typically feature a user interface for manipulating data points and multifarious applications. They are also able to […]

Top Tips for Effective Office Workflow Practices

Did you know that NASA lost a Mars orbiter worth $125 million in 1999? With today’s inflation rate, that equates to about $192.14 million! Were you also aware that in 2014, Microsoft Azure caused their clients a total downtime of 54 hours? In that year alone, Azure experienced a staggering 241 outages. So, what’s the […]

5 Benefits of Having a Mobile Command Center for Your Business

If you haven’t considered a mobile command center (MCC) for your business, then you are missing out! There are many opportunities to enhance your service with an MCC. MCCs allow you to deliver your product and/or service directly where it is needed most. Which not only better serves your customer, but also helps you stand […]

Work Happier: How to Improve Employee Morale to Boost Your Business’ Productivity

Are you wondering if a happier employee equals a more productive employee? Studies have shown that a happier workplace leads to more productive employees and a better bottom line. These findings are contrary to the belief that a cutthroat environment will give people incentives to do well. You might be wondering what you can try […]

Organizing Files for Dummies: 5 Fool Proof Methods

A study by Harvard University found that people with a de-cluttered workplace work steadily for 7.5 minutes longer than people attempting the same task. If you’re looking for the perfect work-hack, organizing files and cleaning up your desk might just be the perfect solution.   It’s likely you’re reading this article because your current document filing solution […]

Barcoding Decoded: How to Read Barcodes for Beginners

Every single store uses barcodes that are read by scanners, but did you know you can actually read these barcodes just by looking at them? That’s right: you don’t need any scanner to be able to interpret them! Whether you’re just curious about how your skills match up against the machines or you’re trying to implement […]

7 Exciting Ways Companies Increase Productivity (You Should Copy)

You begin to look over all of your numbers for your business for the quarter. After a few minutes, you wish you hadn’t. You want to scream due to how bad they are. What have your employees been doing all quarter? You walk out of your office and notice several of your employees lagging behind. […]

The Ultimate Business Software List to Skyrocket Your Productivity

You want your business to run at peak productivity, right? But that’s easier said than done. And there are a ton of software options out there that claim to help, but it’s tricky to know which ones are worthwhile, and which are just going to slog you down with more work.  Fortunately, I’ve got your […]

Get Stuff Done: 6 Tips to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

You’re buying a pack of something. It’s an eight-pack but it only has three items in it. Would you pay full price for that? Absolutely not! Except you’re doing that every day with your employees. The average employee only gets three hours of work done in the eight hour day you’re paying them for. That’s […]

When Should You Outsource? 5 Smart Examples of Strategic Outsourcing to Grow Your Business

The word “outsourcing” has developed a bad reputation over the past few decades. Some employees look at it as a threat to their job security or a way for companies to make a quick buck at their expense. In truth, outsourcing doesn’t have to be a dirty word. It can be a cost-effective way to […]