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5 Ways a Daily Scrum Meeting Benefits Your Business

Daily team meetings can take up valuable productive time. Here’s how to speed things up by using the scrum formula for your daily stand ups and the benefits that a daily scrum meeting can have for your business.

Are you considering implementing daily scrum meetings to help your business thrive?

These daily stand up meetings have many benefits – and are widely recognized as an effective way to manage a single project or the day-to-day work of your business.

We’re going to spell out five key benefits right here.

1. Keeps Everyone Up To Date

One of the main flaws a business can suffer from is a lack of communication.

When the left hand doesn’t talk to the right, their respective outputs might not complement the other well. And it may even conflict.

For example, let’s say you build software and have two development teams stuck in ‘silos’. They might build two things which head in entirely different directions. Not helpful!

2. Builds A Sense of Teamwork

Standing in a circle with a coffee in hand and all your workmates is as much a social event as it is a business event.

It should be a focused session, and the scrum master (project manager) needs to moderate it effectively. But there’s room for a few jokes and camaraderie.

This helps the team to get to know each other, meaning that they’re far more willing to help each other out.

3. Helps Project Organization

Scrum updates let you know more about everyone’s progress. This helps the project manager shift resources around at short notice if necessary, to ensure each part of the plan meets its deadline.

Various stages of the plan act as ‘micro goals’ for the team, and it’s the scrum manager’s job to make these happen.

Knowing about any issues earlier than later is vital if the manager wants to hit these key milestones on time.

4. Everyone Aims For a Common Goal

Working with a team is sometimes difficult if individuals in the team misunderstand their role, or start pulling in a different direction.

Daily stand up meetings keeps the end goal in people’s minds, and helps them understand what their teammates are doing. And more importantly, keeps the common goal fresh in everybody’s minds.

5. Identify Frustrations

Something you’ll learn when you pass courses like the Scrum Master Certification in Utah is that your role as a scrum master is being the team’s problem solver.

Maybe they’re annoyed at aging computers or network issues which regularly prevent them from being productive. The scrum master’s role is to find a fix.

But there’s no job too small – maybe the issue is something more mundane, like the AC being turned up too high! Solve the problem by turning it down, and save on energy bills at the same time.

Starting Up Daily Scrum Meetings

Starting the day with a scrum meeting is a great way to kick everyone into gear.

If you’re thinking of implementing this system in your business, be sure to hear everyone’s voice in the scrum. That’s the whole point of these meetings. And by doing this, you can run a project in a very effective way.

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