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10 Reasons to Get Rid of Old Network Equipment

Do you have extra network equipment just laying around? Here are some reasons your business should sell the equipment you don’t need and gain profit from it.

With 41 million pounds of e-waste being dumped into landfills every year, there are plenty of reasons to find alternative uses for old network equipment. Whether you decide to recycle or sell, it’s both ecologically responsible and potentially lucrative to find a second life for old technology.

While old network equipment isn’t useful for everyone out there, plenty of companies are looking to expand on a tight budget. The secondary market for discarded technology is huge, with plenty of room for quality items in great condition.

Whether your company has decided to pivot or if you’re expanding in a new direction, choosing to sell your old equipment is a great idea. Here are 10 reasons why you should get rid of your out of date or unused equipment.

1. Free Up Space

Old equipment could be crowding up office space that would be better served as storage for inventory or things you actually use. If your employees are clamoring to have more space to store their things, make some room by selling off your old network equipment.

If you’ve taken to taking up working space for storage of old equipment, that’s a red flag. It’s time to get rid of old equipment and make sure the office space you’re paying for is being used to generate profit, not store useless clutter.

2. Reward Your Employees

If you’re in a tech industry or have lots of techie employees, why not reward them with some old equipment. You could raffle it off for a good cause, have a deep discount sale where you donate profits to a local charity, or you could just give it away.

One office’s junk could be a home office’s treasure. Share the wealth of that old equipment with your employees and give them access to things they normally wouldn’t get, for less than they can get it anywhere.

3. Make Some Money

If you’re looking for a way to fund a new expansion or even just to supplement the cost of new equipment, you should sell network equipment off. You could make room for the new by getting rid of the old.

You’ll also be able to keep from tapping into your budget for other important endeavors by letting your old equipment pay for the new stuff.

If times are tough, this could be what helps you from dipping into the red.

4. Speed Things Up

If your network is slow, you could be losing profits. No matter what industry you’re in, being the first company to tackle an issue or post about something translates into profits made. Being behind your competitors means money lost.

If you’re a company that stores lots of user data on your network, you need to make sure your customers have access to it when they need it. If you move too slowly, they could go to one of your competitors.

Getting rid of old network equipment and getting a new set up could speed you up and make sure you don’t lose profit.

5. Hold Onto Customers

While your customers have come to depend on you, having a slow network could have them second-guessing. Even if you were the fastest game in town a few years ago, you could have fallen behind.

You need to constantly be updating to keep your customers. Show them you’re at the cutting edge by selling old equipment and buying a new setup.

6. Get Ahead of the Competition

If there’s new equipment out, you can bet that your competitors know about it. If you’re not using the newest network equipment, that’s an edge your customers will take advantage of.

Make sure you get ahead of your competition by selling your old network equipment and getting ahold of some new equipment. You’ll look good and show how strong your company is.

7. Improve Office Morale

You should provide new equipment to your employees every once in a while. Even if you’ve got systems that still work, getting a new piece of equipment could improve morale in your office.

Have you ever seen employees fawning over getting a new chair? You could be providing that kind of feeling with an added bit of productivity improvement when you get rid of your old equipment.

8. Help the Community

Depending on where you live, there could be schools or non-profits in need of some network equipment. If there’s one particularly close to your heart, reach out to them to make a donation. Offer to pay for some IT support and donate your old equipment to them.

You could make a difference and make the budgeting department happy with the opportunity for a tax write off.

9. Make Much Needed Expansion

If you’re a growing business, you could be running out of space. Selling old equipment could bring in some serious funding. If your employees are asking for a better break room or a space to store their bikes, you could be providing that.

Depending on how much equipment you’ve got for sale, you could add a few new rooms or a new office to add some new staff. Even a company that’s doing well should consider cost-effective ways to expand.

10. Invest in Your IT Department

If you’re thinking of expanding your IT department, your potential hires will want to know what kind of equipment they’ll be working with. Recruit top talent with new equipment.

Sell off or get rid of that old equipment and let your new staff set up the new system. That will start them off on the right foot and make them feel invested in your system.

Out With Old Network Equipment, in with the New

For a company to grow, it’s got to shed its past. That includes outdated concepts, outdated approaches, and even outdated network equipment. To move forward, sell off some of the things that don’t serve you anymore.

If you’re looking for tips on how to sell your old equipment, contact us.