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Level Up Your Office: 8 Great Office Gadgets You Need to Be More Productive

Did you know that the average person spends around 1,800 hours a year at their workplace?

That’s a lot of time spent at the office, and it can feel like an even longer amount of time if your setup is lackluster.

That’s why it’s important to fill your workspace with great office gadgets that increase productivity and improve quality of life in the workplace.

In this article, we’ll list 8 items that can help make your office a place that you actually look forward to going every morning.

Now then, let’s get started!

1. A Standing Desk

Before you go spending money on fancy pens or headphones, make sure that your desk is up to par. The only other piece of furniture that you may use more than your desk is your bed, so it’s important that you choose the right kind for you and your needs.

A standing desk offers a ton of health benefits to go along with a boost in energy and productivity. You’ll have the option to stand or sit while working, and a simple change in posture can go a long way in improving your overall quality of life.

2. A Standing Exercise Desk

A standing exercise desk offers the same benefits of a normal standing desk, plus a few extra bonuses, depending on what kind you get.

Some standing exercise desks come with a treadmill, so you can get your jog on while you crunch numbers. Others have a stationary bike, so you can pretend that you’re riding through the mountains while you finish up that last report.

A desk can be more than just a piece of furniture if you want it to be, so choose wisely.

3. A Balance Board

A balance board is a nifty little gadget that takes standing-while-working to the next level.

Using a balance board while you work at your desk keeps your body moving, which in returns allows you to focus better and stay more alert.

Those little movements will make you a happier and healthier person, which will make the office a much more enjoyable place to spend your days.

If all of that wasn’t enough, balance boards are great for your posture, and super fun to stand on. Sometimes it really is the little things in life that make the biggest difference.

If you want to learn why a balance board is one of the best office gadgets out, check out what Uncaged Ergonomics has to say about them. 

4. A Desktop Organizer

If your workspace is junky and cluttered, it’s going to affect the way that you feel in a negative manner. In turn, it will reduce your productivity. Using a desktop organizer is a cheap-but-effective way to make sure that your office space is always tidy.

Keeping the surface of your desk organized using a desktop organizer is a good way to ensure that everything has — and is in — a proper place.

5. A Cable Drop

Have you ever had to lie on the floor in an awkward position and reach underneath the filing cabinet because your laptop cord fell behind it yet again?

Losing your various charger cords behind your desk, or other pieces of furniture is the absolute worst.

Thankfully, some genius invented cable drops, a small (and cheap) little gadget that sticks to the side of your furniture and holds your chords. That way, your chords are right there for you to easily reach out and grab when you need them.

6. A Smart Coffee Mug

If you’ve experienced the chord-falling problem, you’ve probably also made a cup of coffee and got too busy to enjoy it while it’s warm. Your coffee got cold and undrinkable, so you wasted an entire cup and had to spend more of your precious time making another.

A smart coffee mug keeps your coffee warm all day, so if things get hectic and it takes a bit for you to finish it off, you won’t have to worry about it going cold or being forced to drink terrible microwaved coffee.

7. A Smart Phone Charger

There are a ton of cool new ways to charge your cell phone.

A fast wireless charger pairs your phone with a case that allows for you to simply lay your phone on a charging platform to charge it. No fighting for chords, or plugging your phone in, you simply lay your phone on the surface and let it charge.

If you have a window in your office, a solar-powered charging station can be a neat way to charge your phone that doesn’t require electricity.

8. A Hydration Monitor

The benefits of drinking more water are many. It’s one of the easiest, most important things you can do for your health while at the office. A hydration monitor can help you make sure that you drink the proper amount of water each day while you work.

A hydration monitor is a device that tracks your hydration levels in real-time and alerts you if you need to drink more water.

Great Office Gadgets

Now that you’re aware of a few different gadgets that are out there currently, you’re ready to make some purchases!

Maybe it’s a standing desk that you’re in the market for. Or perhaps it’s something as simple as a cable drop device. No matter the purchase, with one or more of these great office gadgets, you’ll notice a difference in your productivity immediately.

Be sure to check out our website, where you’ll find tons of tips and tricks that can help make life around the office a little easier. 

Now get out there and create the best office setup imaginable using these great gadgets!