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5 Benefits of Having a Mobile Command Center for Your Business

If you haven’t considered a mobile command center (MCC) for your business, then you are missing out! There are many opportunities to enhance your service with an MCC.

MCCs allow you to deliver your product and/or service directly where it is needed most. Which not only better serves your customer, but also helps you stand out from your competition.

Mobile command centers are not just for law enforcement. Keep reading for 5 benefits of having a mobile command center for your business!

What is a Mobile Command Center?

A Mobile Command Center (MCC) is a central location for equipment, tools, workspaces, and technology that is typically located in a vehicle such as a trailer, truck or bus. These mobile specialty vehicles allow you to take your business on the road. 

1. Protect Your Equipment

With a decked out vehicle filled with all of your expensive technology and equipment, you don’t have to worry about risking your equipment to the elements. You can also safely lock them up and have video surveillance for extra security.

Inside the command vehicle, you can house all of your heavy equipment such as computers, printers, and devices.

Not only will your equipment stay dry, but so will you. You have a safe haven to do your job, without the hassle of having to lift a finger. Plus, you and your clients can be comfortable in a climate controlled vehicle.

2. Spacious Work Area

Having an MCC guarantees your workspace wherever you go. Believe it or not, an MCC can be very spacious! You can fit a lavatory, workspace, and meeting room all in one mobile specialty vehicle!

If you don’t expect to need all of that space, you can downsize and choose a smaller vehicle that best fits your budget. You can also opt for a tow vehicle. Tow options can have large slide-out rooms that you can set up after you park.

If you don’t plan on moving around a lot or quickly, these trailers are ideal. However, they take longer to set up and can also require you to have a tow vehicle with a Commercial Drivers License (CDL).

3. Transport Supplies with Ease

The organizations that typically use mobile command centers are fire departments, government agencies, law enforcement, as well as hospitals or healthcare providers.

The reason they are so helpful is that these organizations can provide services at the location itself. For example during a crisis or emergency situation.

MCCs allow these organizations to transport a number of supplies to wherever they are needed most. Consider utilizing this key benefit in your own business’ services.

4. Customize Your MCC

Another benefit to purchasing an MCC is that you can customize it to meet your needs. This includes set up of mobile satellite service that can cater to your budget and required bandwidth speeds and quality.

Some MCCs offer a metered service plan that will only charge you for your amount of use. 

You can also customize the entire layout of your MCC. This can depend on the number of employees and your workflow. An MCC customizer should be able to take into consideration all these factors. So you not only have enough space for your equipment but for your staff to move around and complete tasks easily.

5. Save Money by Renting

If you’re still not sure what MCC will work for your business. Or if you’re not yet ready to take the plunge and purchase one. You can always choose to rent one.

Rentals can provide long term leases for services such as video surveillance at a construction site. They can also provide extra security at a large event.

This is a great way to test it out and see if your business can truly benefit from an MCC!

Make Your Small Business Stand Out

There are many benefits that a mobile command center can offer to a wide variety of businesses. Discover how a mobile command center can take your business to the next level.

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