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5 Handy Business Calculators That Will Make Your Workday Easier

Do you need help with your day-to-day calculations in the office? Take a look at these handy business calculators that will get the job done.

Are your business calculations proving tricky?

With so many figures to deal with, you might find yourself wasting time in the office.

Thankfully, you don’t need to waste your time anymore. Having the right business calculators to hand can supercharge your productivity.

Here are 5 of the best calculators you could take advantage of.

Commercial Mortgage Calculator

Every business looking to grow will end up outgrowing their premises at some point. When that happens, why go for a rental option?

A successful business has the cash flow and means to receive a commercial mortgage, but the costs involved can be tricky to understand. That’s why you should think about using a mortgage calculator to help you identify whether it’s the right option for your business.

With likely monthly payments, interest and potential returns identified, you can head to the bank with a clear understanding of the benefits, and potential pitfalls, of property debt.

Digital Marketing Budget Calculator

Can you believe that half of all small businesses don’t have a digital marketing strategy?

Without one, you’re putting your business at a serious disadvantage. Potential customers aren’t going to be easily found in the local paper, but with a tight budget, marketing can seem like a costly overindulgence.

That’s where digital marketing budget calculators like this one come in. They can help you identify the sort of budget you need and can afford to make the most of your online presence.

Unsure whether your marketing strategy is up to scratch? Here are 5 digital marketing trends you could introduce today.

Cost Acquisition Calculator

For retail or customer-facing businesses, the cost of actually acquiring customers can make the difference between success or failure. With thin profit margins on the line, a cost acquisition calculator can help you make improvements.

Let’s give you an example. If you spend $400,000 on your marketing for 100,000 new customers, you spend a very reasonable $4 per customer (assuming you made more than that from each in profit).

If you spend $400,000 for only 1000 new customers, you spent $4000 on each one. With the help of a cost acquisition calculator, you can help reduce the costs while making more from each customer you acquire through your marketing strategy.

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

You’ve got to spend money to make money, right? But you’re not looking to waste your hard-earned dollars. You want to invest them into something – property, products, marketing – to make you more money.

This is where ROI – or Return on Investment – calculators will help you decide whether you’re on the right track. Marketing, sales, and advertising ROI calculators all help you track the same thing.

Find the right ROI calculator for your business here.

Lead Goal Calculator

Simplistic but essential, a lead calculator helps you set your client or customer leads goals to help you identify your sales and marketing performance together.

A calculator like this one helps to generate an SLA (or Service Level Agreement) to match up your sales to your marketing teams and set attainable goals for both. This is especially useful if you’re outsourcing one or both to outside agencies.

After all, every dollar counts. Sync up your teams with a small business calculator like this one to keep tabs on both your income generation and associated costs.

Become More Productive with Business Calculators

Don’t let your business finances become difficult or time-consuming. With business calculators like these to hand, you won’t need to deal with uncertainties.

Mortgage, property and investment calculators like these won’t just help you with your finances, however. They can help you plan for the future, eliminating any unnecessary surprises that might cause you problems in the future.

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