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5 DIY Organization Crafts to Improve Productivity Around the Office

Improve productivity at the office with these DIY organization crafts that anyone can do!

Being more productive at work can seem difficult, but it may be as simple as getting organized.

When you have a place for everything and everything in its place, you free up precious time that you may have wasted on searching for what you need.

It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to get everything in order, either. We’ve gathered some of our favorite DIY organization crafts to help you save time and improve productivity at work.

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1. Tin Can Pen Organizer

Need to keep your promotional pens separate from your regular ones? It’s easier than you think with just a couple of tin cans and some paint.

To create a tin can pen organizer, wash some tin cans after dinner. Prepare the surface using spray paint as a primer. Then you can use any acrylic paint to decorate the cans however you want!

2. Shoebox Office Supply Organizer

If a couple of tin cans isn’t enough for your pens and other office supplies, then you can make a larger organizer with a shoebox and empty toilet paper rolls.

Cover the shoebox and rolls in washi tape or contact paper. Then, tuck the empty rolls into the shoebox and slide your pens, scissors, and other office supplies inside.

3. Cloth Baskets

These require some sewing skills, but cloth baskets can be a great way to organize literally anything on a shelf. These are great to make yourself because you can create the exact size you need.

You can make these by sewing pieces of thick cardboard into cloth panels. It’s also easy to add clear plastic pockets to add removable labels.

4. Hanging Supply Organizer

For those who just don’t have space on their desk, a hanging supply organizer is the way to go! It keeps your desk clear but everything is still within reach.

The best news is that all you need to get started is a towel rack. Then, make some wire hooks to hang coffee mugs or other small containers on it. Things like scissors can also be hung directly onto the hanging rack with a hook.

5. Cereal Box Drawer Organizer

Got a drawer to organize? Before you go out and buy a fancy organizer or even cheap plastic baskets, check your kitchen.

Cut cereal and other food boxes to the height you need and you’ll soon have a number of small containers to keep your paper clips, staples, and post-it notes in their places.

Decorate them with contact paper or washi tape to keep things fun. Hobby Lobby is a great source for all things crafty, and you can get a coupon to save you tons of money!

Want More Productivity Tips?

Now you have a few DIY organization projects you can use to boost your productivity in the office. These will have you working smarter rather than harder in no time.

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