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Company Communication: What Is the Advantage of Having Only One Inbox?

There are over 240 million email users in the United States. Companies send out emails daily to ensure customer satisfaction and business. 

Companies use a shared inbox to send emails. This is especially common for people who work in customer service.  

So what is the advantage of having only one inbox? 

Continue reading to discover the benefits of one inbox. Along with other communication tips for the workplace.

1. They Are an Easy Point of Contact

Having a shared inbox makes it easier for your employees and customers to contact each other.

Everyone can contact each other through the same platform. They can also receive many several accounts. 

Employees already have their own personal emails. Using them along with work emails can become overwhelming. With a shared inbox, all the emails are in one place, so that you don’t have to check several email accounts.

Shared email accounts are excellent for initiating communication between your business and customer. 

2. It’s Free

One of the best advantages of using a shared inbox is that it is completely free, as long as you have internet.

Everyone can sign up for a free email account on a variety of platforms. Yahoo, Gmail, and other email platforms are free to use. You can even have multiple accounts within one platform for work and personal life! 

If you are the decision-maker at your company, you may want to consider getting demos or more information on shared inboxes. Although many of them are free, some may have different features than others. 

With all of the expenses in the business world that you already concern yourself with, it is a breath of fresh air to get a useful service for free. 

3. Reduces Contact Time

What is the advantage of having only one inbox? It reduces the amount of time between responding to a customer. 

Businesses are expected to respond within a couple of hours to a day. Responding within 48 hours is acceptable but not recommended unless it is for your home account. 

When one, or only a few people are in charge of email communication, there may be delays. With shared inboxes, everyone in the department can view unaddressed emails and respond to them.

This comes in handy when employees need to take vacations or when you have large departments. Customers can easily identify an email for your company, cutting back on research time for them as well. 

4. It Can Be the Key to Organization

Getting a shared inbox can be beneficial for your company.

Everyone should be trained on how to use the platform and given organizational assistance if needed. Having only one inbox means that everything is coming into that one email.

With the use of folders, you and your team can easily organize information and emails. This can help teams work together more efficiently. 

Labeling is your best tool to becoming organized. Without organization, your shared inbox will likely fail or be confusing and difficult to navigate. 

If you have a larger company you should create folders and sections for departments. creating subfolders with more detailed information. 

5. Create More Customer Interaction

Having a shared email can help your business market and get customer interaction.

Many companies attach their shared email to social media posts and advertising materials. This helps start a conversation and gives your customers and clients a place to go. 

The more that potential and current customers interact with your email, the more business you should create. Another way that shared accounts help you get more interaction is by sending out mass advertisements to large groups of people. 

Frequently sending out emails can remind customers of your company, making them more likely to see you in a time of need. Getting your name and information out is one of the most important things if you want your business to be successful. 

Communication in the Workplace

Emails are one of the most effective ways of communicating with staff and customers. 

Besides emails, many businesses still use written mail and phone calls as a method of reaching out to people. These methods tend to cost a bit more than sharing an inbox. They need you to spend money on mailing documents, getting paper, and even service to make phone calls. 

Depending on the type of business you run, you will need to communicate through several mediums. Customer service and large corporations can greatly benefit from a shared inbox, along with phone calls.

Always consider the type of customers and clients that you are reaching out to. This can help you communicate more effectively with them. 

Are You Still Wondering What Is the Advantage of Having Only One Inbox?

Are you still unsure and asking yourself what is the advantage of having only one inbox?

You may want to consider how effective a shared inbox is. Other forms of communication are helpful but are not as cheap and convenient as a shared inbox.

A shared account can make communication much easier when trying to send information from one account to many people. It also works well the other way around. Customers can email one account to receive general information and not have to search for specific employee emails. 

Shared inboxes are an excellent way to create more contact and interaction between customers and employees. You can send out information to many people without having the hassle of checking multiple accounts. 

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