How to Hone Your Online Sports Betting Technique: 10 Pro Tips

Did you know that 45% of all sports bets are made through mobile phones? Because technology has made it so easy to try online betting, many are wondering if they can make real money from it. The answer is yes if you know how to get started. Read on to learn about ten online sports […]

How to Deal With Drugs in the Workplace

Did you know that half of the people who suffer from addiction in the U.S. are actively employed? You might have a specific image of what a person who’s dealing with substance abuse would look like. Sadly enough, they might actually be your next-door neighbor or your employee.  Unfortunately, drugs in the workplace can have […]

Loyalty Matters: 6 Ways to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

It is a well-known fact amongst businesses of all sizes that keeping an existing customer is cheaper than acquiring a new customer. Many might not realize, though that increasing customer retention by only 5% can increase profits by between 25% to 95%. Are you starting to look at customer lifetime value models and interested in […]

How to Create a Marketing Plan for a New Product

Did you know that there are about 30,000 new products released to the public every year? That’s about the same number of products that you’ll find in your average grocery store. With this in mind, you’re going to need to have a strong product marketing strategy in your back pocket if you’re planning on releasing […]

5 Work From Home Equipment Essentials for Success

Are you finding yourself getting frustrated because your work is constantly interrupted due to slow internet or dodgy equipment? The working from home wave has taken the world by storm this year. And while there are many benefits, you may be finding it hard to adjust to working in an environment that hasn’t been optimized […]

Instagram Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which Social Media Platform Is Better for Your Business?

If you’re a small-to-medium business with a somewhat limited advertising budget, you may be wondering where to spend it — Instagram ads vs. Facebook ads? While the answer may not be obvious, there are perks to advertising on both platforms.  However, in order to make the best-informed decision about where to spend your budget, you’ll […]

5 Important Benefits of an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Today’s global economic system is a competitive and complicated world for your business to navigate. Without an integrated marketing strategy, your business is at a serious disadvantage in an era when it needs to be utilizing every competitive edge. Don’t fall behind! Adapt and conquer with an effective integrated marketing strategy. But what is integrated marketing and how […]

Raise School Spirit: 5 Tips for the Best Uniform Design

Are you ready to improve your school’s school spirit with a brand new Uniform Design? School uniforms have come a long way from the uniforms of old, but they still have a long way to go. Any student wouldn’t mind rocking a fashionable uniform, but the problem is, most school uniforms lack unique uniform designs. That’s […]

5 Graphic Design Tips That Anyone Can Follow

Are you starting out on your first foray into the world of graphic design? Putting together a design or logo may seem easy on the surface, but to get an air of professionalism can be tough. Luckily, with just a little insider knowledge, you can get your design up to a professional standard. All you […]

What Are the Four Types of Burns?: A Complete Guide

When you suffer any kind of injury, you need all the information that you can find to get healing. If you’ve been hurt by fire, you should learn about the different kinds of degree burns. They are graded in terms of severity and require a variety of treatment procedures.  So what should you know about […]