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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Managing Vehicle Fleets

A fleet manager has various difficult, complex tasks to deal with and keep in balance. And aside from handling employees and managing vehicle fleets, they […]

3 Tips for Finding the Cheapest International Shipping

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6 Important Things to Think About Before Buying a Conex Box

Are you thinking about buying a Conex box for shipping and/or storage purposes? Conex boxes were first invented way back in the 1950s when they […]

Fleet Safety: 5 Effective Ways to Protect Your Drivers

The number one reason for most accidents involving large trucks is due to driver distraction and fatigue. Other factors include vehicle brake problems and traveling […]

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Save Money When They Ship Products

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How to Start a Courier Business: A Simple Guide

Can you think of a better business idea than starting a courier service? Probably not. The courier services industry is expected to grow by 5% […]

Should I Drive for Uber? 5 Things to Know Before Signing Up

You may be asking “Should I drive for Uber?” Driving for Uber might seem like a good way to make a little cash, but how […]

Marketing Your Moving Company. How to Show Value Through Content Marketing

Value is one of the most important things to offer to your customers. Content marketing is an effective strategy that provides instant value. If you […]

All You Need Is One Truck: A Guide on How to Start a Trucking Business

Did you know that nearly 71% of freight tonnage moved throughout the country is done on trucks? If you’re interested in starting a business that […]

Wondering What Truck Accidents Can Do to Your Company? Here’s What to Do if Your Truck Driver Gets Into an Accident!

As a business owner, you want to protect your assets. If your company uses trucks to deliver cargo, you know how devastating truck accidents can […]

Warehouse Buying Guide: How to Shop for Pallet Racks

We see them everywhere throughout the warehouse business: pallet racks. But believe it or not, finding the best system for your business’s needs isn’t so […]

What is 3PL? & How it will Benefit Your Business

A 2017 survey by Armstrong and Associated showed that 90% of domestic Fortune 500 companies depend on 3PL (3rd party logistics) providers for their logistics. […]

7 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Shipping Company

There are more than 100,000 trucking companies scattered across the U.S. There are also more than 350,000 independent owner-operators that specialize in handling the shipping […]