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Kitchen Employee Evaluation Form

Kitchen Employee Evaluation

1 Performance is consistently superior 12 345NFH
2 Performance is routinely above requirements 12 345NFH
3 The individual is competent, punctual and dependable 12 345NFH
4 Is effective with techniques, methods and skills required 12 345NFH
5 Is an individual who establishes goals 12 345NFH
6 Is good at identifying where improvements can be made 12 345NFH
7 Is able to control production and is aware of the products being served 12 345NFH
8 Is respectful to guests and able to communicate in a professional manner 12 345NFH
9 Measures neatness and personal hygiene appropriate to position 12 345NFH
10 Performs well under unusual circumstances 12 345NFH
11 Measures safety with work habits 12 345NFH
12 Has a full understanding how the restaurant team co-exists 12 345NFH
13 Is continually applying methods to respect safety awareness, ability to care for the kitchen property 12 345NFH
14 Is respectful to work space safety and cleanliness 12 345NFH

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