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Sample Vendor Cancellation Notice

Letter to provide vendor 30 day notice prior to cancellation of services

Supplier Name
123 Your Street
Your City, ST 12345
(123) 456-7890
Email Address

4th September 20XX


Dear (Name)

As per the conditions of our business contract this letter is to inform you that of (DATE), I am officially cancelling our contract.

In accordance with the agreement terms of the contract I must allow (DAYS) notice to satisfy my legal obligation to you without incurring any penalty fees or need for legal action.

During the past few (STATE MONTHS OR YEARS) I would like to inform you that your business has been most welcomed and this contract cancellation bears no reflection on you or your business. We have recently sold out to a larger firm and will be receiving our supplies via that firm's vendors.

(Insert firm's name) will be handling the moving forward. We will schedule a transition meeting within the next few days and please find your final invoice for services rendered, this should be completed and finalised by (MONTH, DAY, YEAR).

Best wishes for your continued success. If you have any questions or need any further information about our contract cancellation of services, do not hesitate to contact me at (PHONE NUMBER) or email me at [email protected]


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