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90 Day Review Form

This 90 Day performance review template may be customized to your needs to evaluate a new employee's performance for employment.

90 Day Review

This document provides the necessary information we require to achieve a highly effective workplace. Please ensure you answer the following questions with honesty and integrity. Your responses will be documented along with those provided by your team. The individual who is being reviewed will not be made aware which of their co-workers will be completing the questionnaire. Thanks for taking part.

Employee Name:




Reviewer Name:


Position in Company:


How would you rate the career of your fellow colleague?

Excellent -> Poor
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

Below we would like you to circle the accurate description for your colleague, please ensure you complete each line. Please be aware that the "NFH" section is for those who do not have first hand knowledge to be able to comment - should this be the case please circle "NFH".

Using the scale of 1-5 in this section 1 being "less likely" and 10 being "highly likely". Please circle the number in the end box or circle the "NFH" box.

Employee Performance Review

Performs good quality work, is accurate, thorough, productive and attains goals

Is able to communicate, listens, has persuasion and empathy

Is able to plan, organise, administrate, prioritise and understands profit orienatation

Understands and complies with company policies and procedures

Represents the company in a positive manner when interacting with customers

Is willing to develop new skills and grow within the company

Is respectful of the workplace and colleagues

Considerate to the needs of others

Willing to accept responsibility of his or her own actions

You are comfortable to ask help or advice


Please list any areas where you feel this employee is doing particularly well.


Please list any areas where you feel this employee could improve.


Please list the three most likeable aspects of your colleague.


What three goals should your colleague focus on moving forward?

Training Requirements:

What additional training does your colleague need to complete before the next review?

Reviewer Feedback:

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