Are you one of the 39 percent of business owners who is a credit “ghost” — meaning you have a personal credit score that’s lower than 620 and one or fewer revolving trade accounts? If this is the case for you, you might think that it’s impossible for you to qualify for a business loan. […]

Are you planning on starting a janitorial business? The commercial cleaning industry is a tough one to break into. There’s a lot of janitorial services out there and you’ve got to find ways to set yourself apart from the crowd.  Getting to know your way around the heavy-duty cleaning equipment that you’ll be using is […]

The average American finds themselves in the doctor’s office 4 times per year. Multiply that figure by the domestic population (327 million people), and it’s clear that private medical practices can make a good living in today’s market. While every patient that you see represents a chance to grow your medical business, each patient also […]

Are you currently trying to sell your home (or thinking about it)? Without proper marketing and advertising strategies, you could end up wasting valuable time and money. According to Zillow, 79% of homebuyers are searching and shopping online.  It’s not enough to post a newspaper ad or stick up open house signs anymore. Instead, you […]

How to Create an Event on Facebook to Promote Your Business

Did you know that Facebook now has over 2.41 billion monthly active users? If you are a business owner of any kind, and you do not use Facebook, you are missing out on some serious benefits. One thing that Facebook is exceptionally good for is promoting events, however, you need to know how to create […]

Great Website Ideas And Tricks To Improve Your Customer Retention

Have things started to plateau a little with your website? Are you struggling to find great ideas online? What you should be doing is asking yourself what works for you when you are surfing the web. You should be looking at which website ideas work on you, and then figuring ways you may implement the […]

Thinking Long-Term: A Beginner’s Guide to Apartment Investing

Did you know that the percentage of people renting a residence, rather than owning one, has increased by nearly five percent in the last decade? It’s true. A variety of factors, ranging from less money saved for down payments to a desire for mobility, have led many individuals to choose to rent rather than to own. […]

Let’s Get Digital: How to Be a Nomad

In 2019, there are 62.2 million freelancers in the U.S. alone, and this number is expected to reach 50% of the population by 2027. Digital nomads can be bloggers/writers, videographers, translators, coders, digital marketers, graphic designers, web developers, and everything in between. To succeed as a nomad, you need more than just talent and experience. You […]

8 Ways Businesses Can Prepare For Any Medical Emergency

Someone gets injured at work every 7 seconds in the United States. This stunning statistic reveals just how prevalent medical emergencies are in the workplace. Every day, people around the country are getting injured or falling sick on the job. Hopefully, that fact’s enough to shock hitherto ignorant businesses into action. As they say, failing […]

What are the Average Marketing Costs for a Small Business?

Small businesses are the foundation of any market; they’re what people depend on to find the best kinds of businesses available. Small businesses are made up of people who dared to dream that they could make a difference in the world. They’re filled with people who believe they have what it takes to succeed. Yet, […]