Choosing the right anchor text for your links has a lot of impact on your internal and external links. It used to be that you could go crazy with anchor text, constantly stuffing with keywords. It worked for a while. Then came Google’s Penguin update in 2012. Google used anchor text to determine if links […]

Essential Advice for Every New Local Realtor

by News Hound on January 15, 2018

in Entrepreneurship

Essential Advice for Every New Local Realtor As a new realtor, you’ll encounter many challenges and pitfalls when you’re first starting out in the industry. By following this advice, you can learn from the mistakes of others. Do you want to become a real estate agent? Or, are you just looking to invest in property? […]

4 Tips for Creating An Effective Law Firm Marketing Plan Businesses small and large have one thing in common: they have to take marketing seriously. While word-of-mouth advertising can be very beneficial for some companies, many will have to focus on reaching their target audience themselves. This is especially true in industries that are filled […]

Every successful real estate agent has one thing in common: an effective way of generating clients. Some do this through referrals, some post listings all around their local area. But, the best resource for any agent to make use of is real estate SEO. A strong SEO strategy improves your brand recognition and the size […]

Some of the most effective ways to grow your business are through PPC and social media campaigns. However, not every business has the capital to consistently run paid campaigns. It’s during the early stages of a business that grassroots marketing can be effective in spreading the word about a product or service at a fraction […]

After the peak of holidays, everyone is back to work and it’s hard to get customers at your lodging business. Here’s how to attract more customers easily. Would you like to know how to attract more customers to your hospitality business? January tends to be the slowest month of the year for many hotels and […]

Digital Marketing for Jewelry Businesses

by News Hound on January 11, 2018

in Entrepreneurship

Top Tips for Big Sales Is your new jewelry store not seeing the kinds of sales you were hoping for? Then check out our top tips for digital marketing for jewelry businesses. Did you know that specialty jewelers account for over 43% of the jewelry industry’s total sales? That means serious opportunity for small jewelry […]

Top 7 Fitness Marketing Tips

by News Hound on January 11, 2018

in Entrepreneurship

Are you looking to get the word out about your fitness center? Here are the top 7 fitness marketing tips. Small businesses have been increasing their budget for digital marketing for years, now spending nearly 50% on digital. If you’re trying to decide how to improve your fitness marketing strategy, digital is the way to […]

First Time Home Buyer with Bad Credit? Don’t Panic!

January 10, 2018

First Time Home Buyer with Bad Credit? Don’t Panic! Having a poor credit score doesn’t mean your dream of owning a house is out of reach. Click here for tips on being a first time home buyer with bad credit. Having bad credit can be expensive as you may end up paying higher interest rates […]

15 Best Business Ideas With Low Investment

January 10, 2018

Best Business Ideas With Low Investment You’re looking to start a business, but the startup costs are holding you back. Not to worry. Here are the best business ideas with low investment. There are a lot of reasons people are starting their own businesses. Maybe they have a clever idea on how to solve a […]

6 Tips for the Best Small Business Customer Service

January 10, 2018

To boost sales and grow a loyal consumer base, you have to focus on your small business customer service. Service is everything when it comes to converting…. Wouldn’t it be great if you got every customer interaction right the first time? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. You might send the wrong color of something […]

The Importance of Saying Thank You with Employee Appreciation Gifts

January 10, 2018

The importance of employee appreciation gifts isn’t something to be overlooked. Your team works hard for you and your business, so make sure you say thank you! “Thank you! I appreciate your work.” How often do your employees hear this from you? There’s no doubt that you’re grateful for the people you’ve hired. Without them, […]

5 Tips to Clean-Up Your Cleaning Industry Marketing Campaign

January 10, 2018

Are you new to the cleaning industry or looking to expand your clientele? Here we offer 5 tips on how to transform your marketing campaign for the better. You own a business in the cleaning industry, which means you know all about keeping things organized and tidy. But what about your marketing campaign? Have you […]

Commercial Loan Rates: What You Should Know

January 9, 2018

Every new and small business needs an occasional jump start. But the way you finance your business can haunt you in the end. Avoid the pitfalls by picking out the best commercial loan rates from the beginning. You may be wondering whether a commercial loan is right for your business. There are as many success […]

How To Write Engaging Content For A Financial Services Website

January 8, 2018

You’re putting together content for your financial services website, and you’re proud of it. But you’re still not generating the traffic you believe your content should attract. What’s wrong? Maybe your content is sufficient, but it’s not enough to lure readers away from their favorite websites and onto your own. Nailing content marketing requires commitment, […]

8 Benefits Of Co-Working Spaces For Small Business Owners

January 8, 2018

More and more entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers choose to grow their businesses using co-working spaces. You no longer have to be confined to a cubicle or work at home where you get easily distracted. One of the main benefits of co-working is increased productivity. You get to work from different locations, meet new […]

5 Tips For Pharmacy Marketing You Need To Know For 2018

January 8, 2018

Pharmacies perform an important function to society, most notably as a filler of prescriptions and a provider of medicine. And with all the current establishments, it’s important to crank out top-notch pharmacy marketing to stand out. But how do you formulate a plan for success for your pharmacy? We’ve got you covered in the following […]

3 Traits To Look For When Hiring For Pharmacy Tech Jobs

January 8, 2018

A job as a pharmacy technician is a great paying, entry-level position essential to the function of any pharmacy. A certified technician can help people understand medication and dosage information that doctors might have failed to explain. There are lots of great candidates to choose from when a pharmacy is looking to fill pharmacy tech […]

5 Tips for Successful Internet Marketing for Small Business Owners

January 8, 2018

Today’s small businesses have a greater opportunity to succeed than in years past. And this is all thanks to the world wide web. The internet of things continues to spell great things for entrepreneurial spirits — but only if it’s used properly. There are some small businesses that ignore this gold mine and either fall […]

Social Media Small Business Marketing Hot Tips

January 8, 2018

Social media has been the great equalizer online. You no longer need a massive budget and lots of expensive advertising to market and build your brand. Social media has been a godsend for small businesses. Even so, marketing through social media can still be tricky. Here are some key tips to help your small business […]

Finding Clients that Share Your Vision: Client Marketing That Works

January 8, 2018

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the best client marketing strategy of them all? As soon as the tiny seed of a business idea begins to sprout in your mind, the first thing you wonder is how you’re going to find the right clients. Many start-ups are fueled by passion about the product, and a […]

Top 5 Benefits of Branding Your Solar Energy Business

January 8, 2018

In 2016, solar installations in the United States increased by almost 50 percent. There are now well over 1.3 million solar power installations, powering over 6.5 million households. As more people embrace green living and look to cut energy costs, we can only expect this figure to keep rising. This is good news for the […]

6 Internet Marketing Solutions To Help Grow Your Medical Spa

January 8, 2018

Your medical spa is up and running. You’ve saved, you’ve built, and now you’re ready to bring in clients. But what’s the best way to make your business visible online and drive traffic? The answer is simple: internet marketing solutions. Marketing strategies are not created equal, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every company. […]

Top 10 Packaging Tips for Your Products

January 5, 2018

People are extremely visual creatures, hardwired to develop first impressions in about seven seconds. It’s impossible to evaluate the qualities of an item in that amount of time, but product packaging can go a long way towards influencing our decision making. The exact same product, presented in two different ways, can create very different impressions. […]

7 Local Marketing Ideas to Help Your Business Stand Out

December 29, 2017

  112 million people shopped at a small business on Small Business Saturday 2016. With that many people turning to small businesses, local marketing ideas are a must to get them to yours. But with all the different types it can be difficult to know where to start. We’ve gathered 7 local marketing ideas for […]