Overhead costs can vary from business size to industry so there is no magic goal percentage. For instance, privately held retailers average 22%. While consultants and lawyers average 51%.  Some businesses are lucky to naturally have low overhead. For the rest of us though, we need to take steps to lower overhead costs. Here are five […]

So you’ve got land that you want to sell. Maybe you’re downsizing. Maybe you could use the extra cash for another investment. Or maybe there’s oil buried somewhere deep down there. Regardless, you can’t go off on your own to try and sell your land. It’s even more difficult than trying to sell your home […]

Are you thinking about adding a wellness program to your workplace environment? Your first question is whether or not these programs work. There’s a good reason to ask that question. Companies who offer workplace wellness programs spend on average $742 per employee per year on wellness. That cost can add up quickly, so you want […]

It used to be that companies only had to worry about standing out in their local market. So it was enough to be the best music store in Helena, MT or a top-notch natural foods purveyor in Ithaca, NY. Nowadays? The ubiquity of online retailers — from juggernaut seller Amazon on down to anyone with […]

Surveying the Experts: How to Hire a Business Consultant

Exhausting yourself with most non-core business activities is not a strategic way to grow your business. Even if you get used to doing everything on your business all by yourself, you’ll still need someone to help you with it as your business continually grow. Wasting your valuable time handling the least important aspects of your […]

Attract Buyers and Sellers with These Realtor SEO Tips

Small businesses are now spending an average of $75,000 a year on digital marketing. That’s a lot when you’re running a one-person business. If you’re a realtor looking to make an impact on your market, you need to take advantage of some clever realtor SEO tips to ensure you stay a step ahead. You’ll attract […]

Cheap Office Supplies and More: 5 Places to Source Things You Need for Business

Is your office looking pretty bare these days? Most companies are still battling with the typical image of what an office should be versus what young companies are doing to fight that stereotype in 2019. Do you need desks, tables, and chairs? Or should you get bean bags, exercise balls, and ping pong tables? It’s […]

Employees for Life: Should You Offer Your Employees Basic Life Insurance?

Americans think life insurance is important, but that doesn’t make them any more likely to carry it. A poll found only 59% of Americans have some kind of life insurance, even though 84% of respondents said “most people” need it.  If you run a business, you have the option of offering life insurance to your […]

Smooth Senior Sailing: 9 Marketing Ideas for Nursing Homes You Probably Haven’t Thought Of Yet

If you own or operate a nursing home, your primary focus is on providing superior care and security to your residents and their families. But if you also want your facility to grow as a business, you’ll need to work on your marketing efforts. And the most effective marketing ideas for nursing homes are ones you’ve […]

5 Smart Budgeting Tips for Small Business Owners

Research shows that only about half of small businesses survive past five years. Don’t want to be a negative statistic? You’ll need to take an honest look at your wallet, bank account, and financial habits. Smart budgeting can help you weather storms- and it can help you be a more creative, dynamic entrepreneur. Let’s get […]