New businesses need to budget more for marketing, averaging 10 percent of operating budgets. Marketing dollars go a lot further these days with internet marketing if you can leverage multiple digital channels. Social media, Google Maps, Yelp, and message boards are some of the ways you can target your audience. Unlike traditional print, TV, and radio ads, […]

Maritime law is the practice of the law that covers disputes, contracts, offenses, or injuries that occur in navigable waters. This type of practice is also called admiralty law and involves complicated layers of land-base as well as maritime legal matters. It takes a trained lawyer who specializes in these types of cases to fully understand […]

If you haven’t considered a mobile command center (MCC) for your business, then you are missing out! There are many opportunities to enhance your service with an MCC. MCCs allow you to deliver your product and/or service directly where it is needed most. Which not only better serves your customer, but also helps you stand […]

How is your farming company website doing? Are you looking for SEO strategies that will get you to the top of the search results page? If you are, you came to the right place on the internet. These days, brand marketing isn’t enough to drive conversions. For more tips on how you can get your […]

Why Brand Marketing is Important for Your Small Business

Color increases brand recognition by 80%. Brand marketing is the most crucial thing you’ll ever do for your business. Every time you market your brand, you’re presenting your brand to consumers. Maintaining consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by up to 23%. Marketing your brand will encourage consumers to spend more cash on […]

Become a Powerhouse: 7 Vital Tips for Making Your Investment Firm Flourish

In 2016 alone, more than 7.22 billion investment shares were traded, sold, or purchased each day. And though the market is volatile and changes each hour, one thing is clear: people love making investments. It’s a great way to add to their income. But every successful investment strategy has a stellar investment firm behind it. […]

How to Create the Perfect Domain Name for Your Small Business

Choosing a domain name for your business is as important as choosing its brand or logo. With 1.5 billion websites in the world, the need to stand out from the crowd, and be easy for users to find you, is more important than ever.  So how do you make sure that you select the best domain […]

How to Protect Your Small Business from Legal Woes

To manage a successful small business, owners must keep an eye on everything from their daily operations to hiring new employees. Handling these responsibilities can make you lose sight of potential issues and even lawsuits that may arise. The latter takes most business owners by surprise. About 66% of small businesses say lawsuits cost them between […]

Fences Make Good Neighbors: How Small Businesses Can Use Geofence Marketing

Any small business knows how difficult it can be to get started in getting customers. A great way to do this is geofencing. In fact, geofence marketing actually increases app usage by 200%, which is a huge win for any small business. You might be wondering what this form of business marketing is and how you […]

Done with Your Business? 6 Tips on How to Sell it

Over the last few years, the number of small businesses being sold has increased significantly. It even hit an all-time high in 2017. Are you considering selling your business? When you first start out on a business adventure, you usually assume that you’re going to keep that company forever. Things don’t always work out that […]