A commercial generator can be a lifesaver for a small business. Learn more about how to choose the best generator for your business with this handy guide. Did you know that half of all businesses who experience a major disaster never recover from it? These odds are unnecessarily high when investing in a commercial generator […]

Before you finish your third year of medical school you should have some idea of the medical specialty you want to pursue. Choosing a medical specialty is one of the most important career decisions that you make as a medical professional. The specialty you choose will dictate your earnings, working environment, and medical responsibilities. This […]

Do you want your employees to enjoy an inviting atmosphere office atmosphere? If so, here are 5 easy ways to create a wonderful work environment. A recent study found that 71% of employees are looking for new jobs, with 64% of people reporting they don’t feel supported by their supervisors. As a business owner or […]

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Marketing for Lawyers: Here’s What Works (And What Misses the Mark)

Did you know the United States is home to more than 1.3 million attorneys? That’s about one lawyer per 300 Americans, which means the U.S. has the most lawyers per capita in the world. With this much competition, investing time and money in marketing for lawyers is a must if you want to build a successful […]

5 Ideas to Make Your Real Estate Marketing Plan a Success

Successful Realtors know they must become expert marketers to secure more listings and sell more homes. In other words, when you are not showing homes or facilitating a sale, you need to be in “marketing mode.” But how can market yourself and improve your bottom line? It all starts with having a winning real estate marketing […]

Got Plans? When You Might Need a Draftsman

You’ve heard of an architect, but what’s a draftsman and when might you need to hire one for your business? Here’s what you need to know. Do you need to hire a draftsman or an architect? Yes, there is a difference between the two. Many people confuse these professions, and while there is some overlap, […]

Vaping Advertising: How to Market Your Vape Shop Online

If you run a vape shop, then vaping advertising can help you to grow your business. We take a look at how to promote your vape store online. One in twenty Americans vape. That means you’ve already got a huge target market that’s waiting for you! But it also means the market is pretty saturated […]

A Pain-Free Guide to Digital Marketing for Dentists

Good news for dentists! Experts note steady growth, with the industry growing 2.5% within the United States. And though that same report notes the industry is currently worth over $134 billion, many dentists are noticing emptier offices and fewer calls. How can that be if the industry is growing at such a steady pace? It […]

Stranger Danger: How to Improve Physical Security for Your Business

Do you know who has access to your business premises? Physical security is important to protect your staff and business. Here’s how to bolster your security. You can do everything right as a business owner and still lose it all if your property and information aren’t protected. It only takes one major robbery or security […]