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Restaurant Employee Evaluation Form

Kitchen Staff

Restaurant Employee Evaluation

1 Is an individual who demonstrates skills to perform the tasks required 12 345NFH
2 Arrives to work on time 12 345NFH
3 Has very few sick days 12 345NFH
4 Is effective at time management 12 345NFH
5 Exhibits the ability to make realistic decisions 12 345NFH
6 The employee follows local, state and federal food guidelines to ensure all food requirements are met 12 345NFH
7 Is able to control production and is aware of the products being served 12 345NFH
8 Is competent at receiving and inspecting food supplies in accordance with the food regulation guidelines 12 345NFH
9 Complies with all district and Health Department sanitation and procedures 12 345NFH
10 Complies with strict uniform policies and wears the appropriate clothing and protective devices for safe performance 12 345NFH
11 Is willing to observe others and learn different aspects of the business 12 345NFH
12 Has a full understanding how the restaurant team co-exists 12 345NFH
13 Is good at communication with co-workers and clients 12 345NFH
14 Is a well balanced and organized individual 12 345NFH
15 Has a full understanding of how to handle food 12 345NFH
16 Is able to store food and clean preparation items in a timely manner 12 345NFH
17 Operates safety precautions at all times 12 345NFH
18 Understands the way to move around a restaurant at all times 12 345NFH

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