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Construction Employee Evaluation Form

Construction Employee Evaluation

1 Is effective at keeping the job site clean 12 345NFH
2 Appropriately dressed 12 345NFH
3 Always has the correct tool to hand for the job 12 345NFH
4 Displays an eagerness to learn 12 345NFH
5 Arrives to work on time consistently 12 345NFH
6 Adheres to all safety requirements; dust, dirt, security, safety 12 345NFH
7 Completes daily time card 12 345NFH
8 Is responsible for his/her actions 12 345NFH
9 Performs well under unusual circumstances 12 345NFH
10 Always maintains a clean and tidy vehicle 12 345NFH
11 Is a team player and encourages others to perform 12 345NFH
12 Able to work with supervisor towards building a productive team 12 345NFH
13 Policies, rules and regulations are adhered to at all times 12 345NFH
14 Assignments are completed on schedule 12 345NFH
15 Methods for improvement are readily suggested 12 345NFH
16 The individual uses time effectively 12 345NFH
17 New assignments are accepted and performed 12 345NFH
18 Shows enthusiasm for his/her job assignment 12 345NFH
19 Accepts guidance where required 12 345NFH
20 Understands the duties and responsibilities of assigned tasks 12 345NFH
21 Follows the guidelines of specific operating and safety procedures 12 345NFH
22 Respects equipment and clothing which belong to the company 12 345NFH
23 Recognizes problems with assignments and applies feedback 12 345NFH

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