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30 Day Review Form

This is a simple form to evaluate an employee's performance after the first thirty days of employment.

30 Day Employee Evaluation

Employee Name

ID Number

Reviewer Name

Job Title

Form Key

Please circle in the boxes below which letter you feel is the most appropriate for each section.

E = Excellent, G = Good, F = Fair, P = Poor, M = Meager

Areas for Review

1) Are you able to accept criticism from colleagues and behave in a cooperative manner?

2) Have you familiarized yourself with the job description?

3) During this short space of time has the employee accomplished the assignments as directed?

Communication E G F P M
Execution E G F P M
Quality of Work E G F P M
Problem Solving E G F P M
Attendance E G F P M
Teamwork E G F P M

4) Explain the areas where the employee exceeds?

5) Are there areas where the employee requires further training?


Should this employee retain his/her employment in this company?





Reviewer's Comments


Reviewer's Signature


Employee's Signature


Date of Review:


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Please ensure you continue to maintain a relationship with the employee and discuss aspects of satisfactory work, including areas where they could improve. Engage with the employee for future performance planning