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10 Eye-opening Tips For Business Trips in 2019

About 462 million people took domestic business trips. It’s also estimated that by 2020 the number will escalate to 499.4 million by 2022.

If you’re included in that number, then you might be wondering how to make traveling for business a lot easier. Check out these 10 tips to make traveling for business trips a piece of cake. 

1. Avoid Layovers

When you travel for business frequently, you might be drained and tired from time to time. Which means you should save time whenever you can so you can spend more time at home. 

In 2019, when you travel for business, you should book your flights smarter. You probably already avoid flights with long layovers, but do you avoid flights with stops?

Many fliers think that non-stops flights and direct flights are the same, however, this is not the case.

As the name suggests, non-stop flights don’t make any stops. This is the type of flight you should book when you’re flying for business.  

Some travelers mistake direct flights as non-stop flights. Although these flights don’t require the traveler to switch planes, they might make a stop in a different destination to let passengers off the plane and pick up new passengers. 

If your company travel budget allows, you should only book non-stop flights. 

2. Keep Some Stuff Packed at All Times

When you travel for business a few times a week, it might be a hassle to pack and unpack each time. 

If you want to save some time in between travels, you should keep a packed bag at all times. While you don’t have to keep your bag packed with every single garment you need, you should keep some essentials there at all time. 

Start by keeping a toiletry bag in your suitcase packed at all times. You should have ready your travel toothbrush, shampoo, medications, chargers, and any other things you can afford to keep in there. 

Having all of those items ready at all times will cut down on time and it will be less likely you forget something. 

3. Protect Yourself from Germs

Airports are busy places, in fact, some of the busiest airports can see up to 250,000 passengers a day. With so many people passing through an airport each day, it means harmful germs are ready to attack at all times. 

When you travel frequently, you expose yourself to germs more than the average person. If you want to avoid picking up the flu each time you get on a plane, you need to take the necessary precautions. 

You can reduce your chances by always carrying hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and even Bacitracin. Make sure you use the hand sanitizer generously especially after touching different surfaces. 

Use the disinfecting wipes to clean the armrests and table once you get on the plane and take your seat. You can use the Bacitracin to coat the inside of your nostril and ward off germs. 

Even if you’re vigilant about germs, there’s always a chance you might get sick. You don’t have to worry so much about seeing a doctor while on a trip. Places like DoctorXDentist can provide you with useful information.

4. Invest in Quality Luggage

There are several reasons why you need to invest in quality luggage. When you travel for business, you need to look the part.

If you’re going to travel business class or go inside one of the lounges, you don’t want to go in with an old and distressed carryon. 

Also, travel can cause wear and tear on your luggage, so you will want to get a carryon that is durable. 

5. Stick to Dark Colors

Let’s say you’re down to your last outfit, and you spilled coffee on your white shirt before a big meeting.

Worrying about your outfits can cause unnecessary stress when you travel for work.   

When you travel for work, try to stick to a darker color pallet. Not only is it easier to dress darker colors, but you will also be able to hide stains a lot better. 

6. Get Travel Apps

Traveling for business means you need to keep track of an extensive itinerary. You have to keep track of your plane tickets, hotel reservations, entertainment schedule, and a lot more. 

Since you have to keep track of so many things, it would help to have it all in one place. To help you make traveling reservations a lot more manageable, you should download the travel apps. 

Some of the best travel apps include Skyscanner, Hotel Tonight, TripIt, and more. 

7. Choose Apartments Over Hotels

Staying in a hotel and living out of a suitcase when you travel for business can make you homesick. 

When you travel for business, try to stay in an apartment whenever possible rather than a hotel. An apartment will make you feel more at home. This is helpful for those who want to cook their own meals rather than eating out. 

8. Try to Access Airport Lounges

Airports are crowded, loud, and uncomfortable, so if you’re going to pass by them often, you should make your journey a bit more comfortable.

You should get access to airport lounges when you travel for business. The lounge will have more comfortable chairs, better food, and even access to massages. 

9. Be Covered for Wi-Fi On the Go

If you plan on doing work while at the airport or at the hotel, you want to make sure you will be able to find wifi wherever you go. 

Call hotels ahead of time or get a wi-fi subscription at the airport so you can enjoy faster wi-fi. 

10. Charge All of Your Devices at Once

When you travel for business, you need to make sure all of your devices are charged and ready to go at all times. Bring with you a portable charger with you so you don’t have to rely on always finding a plug. 

Business Trips Tips: The Bottom Line

Now that you know these business trips information, it’s time you book your next trip. Remember to get quality luggage, access to the lounge, download a travel app, and more.

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