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Small Business Solutions for your Pest Control Service

Small Business Solutions

If you have a small business, you may always be looking for new solutions to implement. Check out this article for tips on small business solutions to try!

Besides capturing bugs and critters, your pest control service also needs to capture new customers.

For a small business, marketing can be a challenge. You have a small audience and an even smaller budget.

However, there are many marketing solutions that are perfect for a small business. They can have a big impact on your brand while costing next to nothing.

Read on to learn some great small business solutions.

Optimize for Search

You may not have a big-name company. But you can still use the power of the Internet to bring in business for your small company.

The key to this is search engine optimization. Through the use of keywords, web design, and other factors, you can improve your chances of appearing in search results.

Take some time to research SEO and specifically local SEO. Many SEO improvements are only slight adjustments you can make on your own for free.

Produce Content

One of the largest factors in SEO is content marketing.

Producing blogs, videos, and other content for your website gives you a vessel to share information and create more paths to your website.

For your pest control service, you could create content such as “How to Set Up A Trap” or profile different types of pests. People searching for this information online might find your post. They’ll visit your site, see you’re an expert, and consider using your services.

Content boosts your reputation with both readers and search algorithms. If you’re not producing content, you’re missing a huge opportunity to drive traffic to your site.

Optimize for Mobile

Did you know that more people are browsing the Internet on mobile devices than desktop now?

The majority of people will be doing research on pest control on their phone. You must prioritize your website’s mobile experience or you could be missing out on leads.

The best way to do that is with responsive design. Responsive design allows you to have one website and one set of code that changes the display depending on the screen size.

For example, Go-Forth Pest Control has a well-built desktop site that adapts to a very mobile-friendly site when viewed on a phone. Test it out yourself!

Many website services like WordPress have built-in responsive design. You should check if your mobile experience is meeting good standards.

Claim Your Business Page

Have you ever Googled a business and saw the special infobox to the right of the search results?

This is done through Google My Business, and it’s free to do. Other search engines also offer similar features.

This is one of the easiest small business solutions, but only 44% of businesses have claimed their My Business page. Make sure you take advantage!

Have an Online Review Presence

Some small business are scared of reviews, fearing that a negative comment could hurt their business.

While that is a threat, reviews can also do your business a lot of good. Many people won’t make a purchase without checking online reviews. Reviews can reassure potential customers.

Reviews can also boost your brand’s SEO.

Your small pest control business ought to build a presence on Yelp, Facebook, and other review sites.

More Small Business Solutions

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