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3 Marketing Tips for Your Home Based Business

Driving new website traffic to your home based business site is what is going to bring you more sales. Get these quick marketing tips to help you be successful.

When it comes to establishing work/life balance, a home based business offers the best of both worlds.

You can work toward your passion and grow your brand community all while enjoying the comforts and conveniences of your nest.

If you’re one of the more than 38 million people who own a home based business, read on. Today, we’re discussing three smart ways you can market your company and grow your bottom line — power tie optional.

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1. Find Your Target Audience

Are you a business owner selling makeup from your home or a mommy blogger selling baby goods such as Hipp Organic Formula?

If so, someone in the market to buy a new pair of work boots for the warehouse is likely not going to be interested in your products, no matter how helpful they are or how long they last.

To maximize your marketing efforts, begin by defining your target audience. Put simply, this is the core group of people who are most likely to pursue and purchase from your brand.

Not sure where to get started? Begin by taking a look at the demographics of your current customers. Then, see who your competition is targeting. Don’t forget to take into account any particular market who may especially benefit from your product or service.

Once you’ve narrowed down your audience scope, you’ll be better positioned to create collateral that speaks to their pain points and addresses their needs.

2. Laser Focus Your Offering

Similar to the way you narrow down your audience to just those most likely to buy from you, another way to grow your home based business is to scale back on the variety of products and services you’re advertising.

For instance, if you’re currently offering a dozen different types of web design services, consider focusing in on one design component, such as HTML, that a majority of people have a difficult time understanding.

The last thing you want is to be considered a jack-of-all-trades but a master at none. Find the part of your business you enjoy the most and consider yourself best at, and focus the majority of your efforts there for the maximum return.

3. Create a Web Presence

Just five years ago, an online presence would be considered somewhat arbitrary. Yet, now it’s absolutely mandatory if you want to grow your client list as well as your sales quota.

To this end, it’s time to get virtual. If you haven’t already, create a website that describes your product or service and make sure it’s user-friendly and mobile responsive.

Then, create a profile on the social media channels that make the most sense for your business and start posting on them regularly. Finally, join virtual business listings, such as Google My Business, to make sure you’re easy to find.

Having an active online presence also makes it easier to roll out digital marketing initiatives, such as e-newsletters, SMS messaging, geofencing, and more.

Grow Your Home Based Business Today

Getting your home business off the ground doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little forethought and strategic planning, you can start selling more and boosting client satisfaction ratings, all from your living room.

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