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Shocking Elderly Abuse Stats Every Nursing Home Manager Must Know

Nursing home managers have a responsibility to protect and care for our elderly in a humane, respectful and dignifying manner.

Unfortunately, not every manager feels that way, and not every home is a safe place for our loved ones.

If you’re a nursing home manager, you need to be aware of the incredible statistics that exist for elderly abuse and neglect to help you prevent them happening on your watch.

Here’s a list of a few shocking elderly abuse statistics that you should be aware of.

A Third of Nursing Homes Have Had a Resident Abuse Problem

Families entrust their loved ones into the care of nursing homes, but a worrying statistic for nursing home managers is that a third of homes have a problem with abuse.

The problem for residents in nursing homes is that their vulnerability makes the risk of elderly abuse and neglect so much higher. Physical abuse is the most common, but the financial abuse of elderly residents isn’t uncommon.

From restraining a resident excessively to attacking a resident, the scale of abuse varies, but the effect is the same. Your residents suffer, and your business reputation is put at risk.

Half of Nursing Attendants Have Admitted Abusing or Neglecting Residents

If you want to protect your residents, you need to look carefully at your staff. Over half of attendants in a nursing home have admitted neglecting or abusing residents at least once.

That means half your workforce could be causing your residents harm. What are the consequences of that for your business?

If the abuse comes known, your business could be at risk from investigations that could lead to your business being sanctioned or from being closed. You may lose other residents if their families decide they’re no longer safe. 

Don’t stand for neglect, whether it’s from your staff or from a family member. This guide from can help a resident in your care to seek out necessary legal advice if they’re at risk.

The Risk of Death for Neglected or Abused Elderly Residents Is 300% Higher

Elder abuse isn’t just a financial concern or a reputational issue for your business. It’s a healthcare emergency, one where elderly residents suffering abuse or neglect die at a 300% higher rate than other residents.

Residents who start dying quickly aren’t necessarily dying early. Too many residents dying quickly, however, is an alarming development. If you want your nursing home business to succeed, you need to protect your patients.

If you find out that an elderly resident in your nursing home is being abused, don’t cover it up. It’s not only the right and legal thing to do, but it could also damage the reputation of your business if a cover-up is uncovered. 

If you need help with your nursing home’s reputation, here are 9 marketing tips for nursing homes to help you recover.

These Elderly Abuse Statistics Have to Change

Abuse of nursing home residents isn’t rare — in fact, as these elderly abuse statistics show, it can be worryingly commonplace. It’s time for your nursing home to buck these trends.

Protect your residents from neglect, whether it’s from their family members or from your staff. Someday, you may end up in their shoes, wishing you’d led the way in preventing care issues like these from ever occurring.

If you’re a nursing home manager facing an abuse problem, be sure to get effective legal advice from an attorney. Check out our other legal articles for further legal tips for your business.