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11 Examples Where Having Faith Will Improve Your Life

“Faith is taking the first step on a stair when you can’t see the whole staircase,” said Martin Luther King.

But what if you fall?

That’s the point of having faith. You step without knowing what’s next.

If that sounds a little crazy, read what the Bible says about faith. In the Book of Hebrews, it says faith is “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

Even Mother Teresa encouraged us when she said, “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

These things all sound good but what’s in it for you? And why do you need faith anyway?

Good question. And one we’ve often asked too. So, we went on a mission-kind of a mission of faith. 

Continue reading and find out a few things we uncovered about the importance of faith.

1. Having Faith Can Move Mountains

Okay, we know it’s not literal mountains. No matter how much faith you have, you might get in trouble if you moved Mt. Ranier or Mt. Everest.

Mountains, in this case, are obstacles roadblocks. They prevent people from meeting goals and fulfilling dreams.

Your mountain (or mountains) may make giving up a strong temptation. But this is where faith comes in handy.

The universe operates under a hierarchy of laws. The laws of nature say the physical mountain cannot be moved. Of course, we know earthquakes and other acts of nature may cause the movement of a mountain. Remember the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens? 

The law of faith is higher than the law of nature. When a person uses their faith they activate the law of faith, which can do more than the law of nature. 

Ask anyone who has experienced a miracle. Ask the father pinned under his truck about having faith in his daughter that she could lift the truck. 

What’s the mountain in your life that needs to be moved?

Mark 11:23-25

2. Faith at Work

Even though most employers don’t allow preaching or other outward displays of faith, no one can stop you from using your faith. When you depend on someone or something greater than yourself so that you’re the best employee in the office or wherever you work, you use faith.

Maybe your boss or a co-worker is the mountain in your life.

Use your faith and move the mountain. Faith means you have trust or confidence in all situations, including the demanding boss and the co-worker who gossips about you.

It doesn’t mean you hope your boss gets sick and quits. And it doesn’t mean praying that those gossipy colleagues choke on a chicken bone.

Using faith at work means hoping for better relationships with the people you spend more time with than you do your family or your cat. Faith goes a step further than hope. Faith means believing things will improve.

It could mean your boss moves on and finds a better job. But faith could also mean you both gain a better understanding of each other and form an amazing working relationship.

Faith works at work but another area where faith can improve your life is in the area of finances.

3. Your Bank Balance Is in the Negative

Who doesn’t worry about their bank balance? With many people living paycheck-to-paycheck, bank balances dipping into the negative numbers can worry even the most financially responsible person.

Your situation may not be a bank account issues. Maybe you owe credit card or past tax debts

Faith and finances go together. When you come up short after payday, faith reminds you things will improve and needs will be met. 

Does that opening your mailbox and finding a bag of money? Probably not but it does mean using faith to believe in provision. 

Provision may come in unexpected ways and from unusual resources but generally, people who actively use faith when finances are difficult find that their needs are met.

Maybe your bank balance is fine but your health isn’t. Why not call on faith?

4. Faith and the Bad Report

When the body is at its weakest, faith can be at its strongest.

Every day people visit a doctor and walk out with a bad report. Blood test results indicate disease. An x-ray shows cancer.

A bad report from your doctor can take the wind out of your sails and pull the life right out of you. If you let it!

Heart disease, chronic pain, and cancer are just a few of the health issues people face every day. Faith can help you get through the inevitable bad days ahead.

Faith doesn’t mean you dismiss the bad medical report because you’re confident you’ll get well without medical help. Faith means you rely on the belief that your health will improve despite the symptoms you feel today.

Sickness and uncertainty often feed off of each other and make you wonder whether you believe in faith at all.

5. When You Question What You Believe

At some point in life, usually once we’ve had a taste of reality, most of us question our belief system.

We found out Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and the Man in the Moon were all part of a world our parents created for us called Let’s Pretend. We wonder sometimes if our spiritual beliefs were also part of that pretend world.

As the people at Burbank Bible Church say, life gets confusing and difficult but faith helps us through the process of answering those questions. Sometimes you just need a few supportive people around you who’ve already gone through something similar. 

Faith can help you figure out what you believe but faith also helps you answer other life questions.

6. You Need an Answer

Faith brings answers to prayer.

This isn’t about any one denomination or religion in general. It’s about putting faith into action.

If you follow the Bible, the New Testament book of Matthew tells us to ask for our daily bread and that whatever things we for ask in prayer, if we believe, we will receive.

We’re given a measure of faith and when we use and develop that faith, we will get the answers to our questions and requests. The answer may not come today, and maybe not even tomorrow.

But faith helps us wait patiently for our answer. Why? Because faith is about having confidence in what we cannot see today.

Faith can help when you’re in a bad relationship and can’t see anything good for the future.

7. Faith and Relationships

Not all relationships can be fixed. Not all relationships should be fixed.

Maybe it’s your marriage. Or maybe it’s the relationship with your best friend.

Relationships can challenge us and make us better people. Relationships can also damage and hurt us, especially when they’re abusive. No one should stay in an unsafe relationship whether it’s with a partner or a friend. But we live in a throw-away world where leaving is easier than sticking it out.

Faith steps in and guides and comforts when we experience trouble in relationships. Since faith is all about having hope when we can’t see a change for the better, faith can help us grow while we wait for that change.

Faith isn’t only a guide for troubled relationships, it also leads to a thriving life.

8. Faith Is a Pathway

Faith is a pathway. It’s a pathway to dealing with difficult people and situations, medical issues, and financial problems.

Faith is also a pathway to finding solutions to any question you have in life.

There’s nothing wrong with having problems. We all face problems. It’s what we do with those problems that counts.

Some people choose survival and find ways to barely keep their head above water. Humans were designed not just for surviving but for thriving.

If you’re a survivor that’s great! But what if you could do more than simply survive? Most people want more than survival–they want solutions that help them live life to its fullest.

Faith is the pathway to solving life’s issues and helping us live with the expectation of amazing things in our future.

Faith points to the future but what if you’re not even sure what your future holds?

9. When You Don’t Know Your Calling

You probably know someone who still hasn’t figured out what they want to be when they grow up. Maybe it’s you!

You hear people talk about their calling all the time. You also are pretty sure you work with some people who haven’t discovered their calling. They might not have the skills for the job or maybe they’re miserable in the job.

Chances are they haven’t discovered their calling.

We all have a purpose in life. Our parents, schools, and society tell us what they think our purpose should be. Faith can guide us to our true purpose. 

What do people do when they believe they’ve found their true purpose but the world laughs at them?

10. Faith Says Yes When The World Says No

You write children’s books or design special backpacks for homeless people. You imagine yourself playing the piano in concert halls all over the world. You dream of coaching others who aren’t sure of their purpose.

Whatever it is, it’s your gift and the world often tells you NO!

No one will read your books or listen to you play your piano. No one will carry your backpacks.  No one will sign up for your coaching classes.

Faith lights up your life with possibilities. It doesn’t matter what your spiritual background is, you can believe in the amazing possibilities within you.

Faith, in its promise of things to come, encourages us in the pursuit of our passions and our callings. Despite what the naysaying world says, faith says, “yes, you can!”

Sometimes pursuing dreams gets lonely and you feel afraid. Faith makes the journey less lonely and less frightening.

11. Fear Not For Faith Is With You

Don’t worry. 

This is the first response most people give when someone says they feel worried. Yet we all still worry and sometimes feel afraid.

We can let stress, anxiety, and fear run our lives. We can spend every waking moment worrying about every detail. All the worrying doesn’t change anything.

Faith doesn’t make life go away. If we let it, faith remains with us while we’re in the eye of the storm. Having faith assures us and helps us keep fear and worry from overshadowing the joy we experience.

Faith creates a sense of peace. It’s not external peace—it’s an inner calm we can’t explain in words. 

What’s Your Faith Temperature?

We hope we’ve encouraged you about how having faith can make life better.

There aren’t many situations where faith can’t help you find an answer or feel more confident and at peace with a situation. Take a few minutes and think about your faith. 

Is it hot, lukewarm, or are you out in the cold freezing?

Why not give faith a chance and see what it can do? We guarantee it won’t hurt. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll discover a few answers to questions about life, your relationships, and your calling.

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Above all, enjoy the faith journey!