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8 Tips to Boost Your Small Business Email Marketing Campaign

Easy Email Marketing Campaign Tips

We provide excellent tips for building your subscriber list with a clever email marketing campaign.

An email marketing campaign can really boost your sales if done right. Email is scalable, cost-effective and easy to execute.

However, you need to be clever when designing an email marketing campaign for your small business. Read on to find out 8 tried and tested tips for building your subscriber list.

Tip #1: Be Honest and Direct

Perhaps one of the most crucial email marketing tips is honesty. With thousands of newsletters pelting users every day, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

People nowadays are accustomed to all sorts of emails and have developed an immunity to sales pitches. The solution?

Be honest about your goals! If you want to sell something to your subscribers, just do so without tricks. Bait and switch tactics, as well as clickbait titles have been shown to backfire spectacularly in the last few years.

On the other hand, if your subscribers know you are honest, they will trust your email marketing campaign more. This can yield amazing results!

Tip #2: Create Segments

As your newsletter grows, you might begin targeting different demographics. This is all good and desirable, but it can make your newsletter less powerful.

The solution? Segmentation!

Creating email segments in your email lists is easy and will make sure your business stays relevant. Your subscribers have different needs and different interests. By segmenting them, you will be able to address these needs and interests more effectively.

By sending customizable emails to different segments, you are increasing open rates and click rates. In fact, one of the main concerns of your marketers should be how to better segment your list. For example, new clients should be in a different segment than first-time buyers. Similarly, regular clients and people with specific interests should also have their own dedicated segments.

If your store is running a sale for a particular location, you can run a campaign only for people who would benefit from the sale. This minimizes spam and increases email relevance.

You can further segment your email list according to e-commerce behavior, activity, answers to questionnaires and more.

Tip #3: Give Your Subscribers What They Want

People will subscribe to your newsletter expecting something. From free offers to regular content that might interest them, you should make sure to provide your subscribers with what they want.

Depending on how many segments you will develop for your email marketing campaign, you should develop different emails to keep everyone satisfied. For example, vendors will expect different emails from an online store than retail customers.

If you promise heaps of content on signup, your subscribers will expect you to deliver. If your newsletter does not deliver on its promises, people might begin to unsubscribe, and this can snowball quickly into a dead newsletter!

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If your newsletter is attractive enough, your subscribers will forward it to their friends, which can get you added exposure at zero cost!

Tip #4: Test and Edit Accordingly

Creating an email marketing campaign should be an ongoing process. You can’t just expect to write a bunch of emails, schedule them and then forget about them.

Instead, you should focus on creating a rich publishing calendar with enough time for editing and testing between posts. The moment your email is sent you can’t go back to edit it. Typos and errors in URL can cause even the best emails to fail spectacularly, so edit with care!

Some readers will be more sensitive to typos than others, but everyone will be more inclined to delete a sloppy email.

Before sending out the emails, test them on different clients and mobile devices to see how they are displayed. Are they appealing in all formats? These quick tests can point you to improving your emails, leading to a more successful campaign.

Now, after a campaign is over, you should check out the data to see where you can improve. Eliminate the emails with the smallest open rates and try to emulate whatever made your most popular emails get those clicks.

Tip #5: Get New Customers without Losing Existing Ones

Your newsletter serves two main purposes: It helps you find new clients, and it also maintains the connection with your existing customers.

If you are sending out mostly promotional emails, you could get more clients, but you might risk losing those you already have!

You need a balance between new and old to keep your newsletter growing throughout your email marketing campaign.

As we’ve seen above, segmentation helps a lot, but your main asset here is relevant content. By giving your existing customers the content they need, you ensure they remain loyal and keep on opening your emails.

Make sure you send out the occasional top 5 tips and how-to articles to address the specific needs of your customers, while piquing the interest of new ones.

Tip #5: Go Mobile Friendly

Simply put, if your emails are not mobile friendly, your email marketing campaign will fail.

If a campaign does not display properly on mobile screens, click through rates will be very low.

As many as 60% of all American users will just delete an email that is not optimized for mobile phones.

Thankfully, the solution here is relatively simple. Have your marketers use a responsive template that adjusts itself according to the screen that displays it.

Tip #7: Keep Your Email Marketing Campaign Simple

While a campaign can be long and complex, individual emails should be simple and to the point. Many marketers make the mistake of overstuffing emails with tons of different stuff.

Cluttered emails tire users and make them skip to the bottom, or just delete the newsletter without reading it.

Focus on clever headlines and short body text that gets your message through in less than a page.

Tip #8: Stay Informed

Finally, it’s important to keep up with all the latest trends in online marketing. What works today might not work tomorrow, so you need to stay educated.

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