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7 Effective Ways to Use Pinterest Marketing to Grow Your Blog

Pinterest Marketing 101

While there are a number of ways to grow your blog, pinterest marketing tips will allow you to grow your brand using one of the most well known platforms today.

Think Pinterest isn’t as important as other platforms like Facebook to drive sales and market your blog?

Better think again.

Pinterest is the second in terms of driving traffic from social media platforms. More than 2 million people pin products each day and the average value of sales coming from Pinterest is at $50, higher than any of the other social media sites.

On the flip side, Pinterest marketing isn’t like anything else. It’s a far different beast than marketing your blog and business using Twitter or Facebook.

To help get you started, here are 7 effective ways to use Pinterest as a powerful marketing tool:

Buyable Pins

One of the most important ways of Pinterest marketing involves a tool Pinterest itself promotes: buyable pins.

Pinterest collaborated with Shopify to allow visitors to purchase directly from Pinterest. They no longer have to click a pinned image, visit the shop’s official site, and buy items there. Using this tool, they can buy items advertised on the social media platform without leaving the app.

As mentioned, sales from Pinterest average at $50. This is the highest average when compared to all other social media sites, even Facebook. This indicates that Pinterest shoppers are more willing to spend and on a higher budget.

These are shoppers who already know what they want and are on Pinterest to find a specific item that caters to their needs. In comparison, most shoppers on Facebook only convert after seeing a series of ads, videos, and other outside promotional materials.

Emphasize User-Generated Content

Pinterest marketing can cost nothing if you put a stronger emphasis on user-generated content.

Look at companies such as Gap for inspiration. They have a board that pins images of customers wearing their clothes and showing off their brand. Not only is this free advertising but it also allows your business to engage with the consumers.

On a more important note, this builds brand loyalty. Let people see customers enjoying what you offer. Even if your business is not a visual powerhouse, this strategy alone can showcase everything your company, products, and services encompasses.

Another great benefit is that people share user-generated content often. When someone gets featured on your board, they’ll share that with friends on Facebook or Twitter. That draws more people to your board and this creates a positive atmosphere surrounding your brand.

Pinterest Contests

Contests are an essential element of successful Pinterest marketing.

You can make these contests free for people to join and offer free giveaways as prizes. It might sound like you’re spending too much but the rewards for holding such contests is tenfold.

Here’s an example of a Pinterest contest and how it works:

  1. Encourage users to make a new board
  2. The content should only pin from your brand
  3. Use specific hashtags to qualify for the contest
  4. Contests should share the board with friends

This kind of contest creates thousands of opportunities for people online to see and share your brand. You’ll see a boost in online mentions and user engagement.

You can make even more elaborate contests too or implement the focus on a user-generated contest. For example, you can have contestants share pinned images of them showcasing the products you market on your blog.

Strong Keyword Strategy

Pinterest marketing, like all digital marketing, still relies on tried-and-true Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid advertising techniques. You still have to spend time studying different metrics taken from analytic tools, such as how much traffic Pinterest drives to your blog or how often people share Pinterest content.

An important step is to conduct keyword research and build a solid keyword strategy. This is where it’s a good idea to rely on experts who know how PPC and SEO work, like Fanatically Digital.

Start broad, using tools like Google Keyword Planner or KWFinder to determine high-volume keywords related to your business. The next step is to focus on the long-tail phrases and niche keywords that see less use from the competition.

Keywords aren’t the only part of SEO you have to implement here. Hashtags are a big selling point on Pinterest so take the time to come up with effective and creative ones.

Pinterest Marketing Collaboration

Social media platforms thrive on collaboration. You’ll see big-name YouTubers collaborate with each other and the same goes for influential people on Instagram. Don’t think this doesn’t work on Pinterest because it does.

Look for boards from businesses and blogs you think would want to collaborate with you.

If your blog focuses on women’s clothing and theirs emphasizes children’s shoes, you could form two boards with pins from each other’s account and share what you have in common. You might have things their customers want and vice versa.

This kind of mutual relationship on social media helps small businesses get their brand name out there, especially if one business is more influential than the other. If you’re still starting out, this is a good way to build your company’s reputation.

Connect with Other Social Media Sites

Pinterest works fine on its own but successful Pinterest marketing booms when linked to the other giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Don’t forget mobile platforms either like SnapChat and Instagram.

Why is this important?

It gives people more channels to share and engage with your pins. What if someone wants to share your pins but their friends are only on Google Plus? If you link accounts and encourage sharing, they can now do so and this broadens the reach of your brand to more people.

The good thing here is that Pinterest can link to all these other platforms without much hassle. It thrives on social sharing, after all.

Build Your Business Today!

With these tips, you can easily improve your Pinterest marketing strategy to build your brand, drive traffic to your blog, and increase sales. Pinterest is more versatile and efficient than most businesses think so use it to your advantage before the competition does.

But this is only the start.

We can offer you more tips to build and grow your business. Visit us today and we can show you things like how content creators build their businesses or how to shift into an eco-friendly image.