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Fun Plus Profit: 10 Profitable Money Making Hobbies for 2019

Forty-four million adults have taken on a side hustle to increase their cash flow. 

Whether it’s to mend financial woes or simply to use a passion for profit, money making hobbies are on the rise. 

Are you looking for hobbies that make money? Does making money from doing something that you love ignite interest? What if you don’t have a hobby or a craft you love?

Never fear! We’ve put together a profitable hobbies list. Everyone is good at something – find your passion here!

10 Money Making Hobbies

Are you ready to start making money from an activity you already love doing? Here’s our list of some of the most lucrative hobbies.

1. Blogging

Though it may seem like the blogosphere is saturated, it’s definitely not! If you have a passion for a particular hobby or interest, it could be DIY, finance, cooking, mechanics – anything really – starting a blog is easy and flexible. 

Blogging can be a hobby that turns into a lucrative business if you’re willing to invest the time and work it well. 

2. Freelancing

Web design, writing, and graphic design are all potentially profitable freelancing businesses! 

If you’re just starting out, there are many websites you can tap into to get your feet wet and see which business works well for you. However, remember that beginning a freelancing business does not happen overnight. You’ll have to do some networking to gain clients and credibility, but once you have a steady stream of clients, you can bring in a healthy cash flow. 

3. Sell Your Stuff

Do you love shopping for deals on books or vintage items? Try setting up an Amazon or eBay shop. The landscape is full of possibilities to sell on these sites; almost anything goes! 

One great thing about selling on these sites is that you can ship the items to the warehouse and have them stored. No taking up space in your home! When a buyer makes a purchase, it ships directly to them.

4. Handmade Products

If you’re particularly crafty, opening an Etsy shop could be for you. Etsy sells everything homemade, from signs to dog collars to PDF’s of invitations. The options are endless.

If you love making things with your hands, consider selling those items on Etsy.

5. Offer Services

Plenty of people are willing to pay someone for a job they don’t want to do. Think landscaping work like mowing, or shoveling snow out of driveways. People need their dogs walked, or you could offer to babysitting services.

Are radio control cars, planes, and boats your hobby? Shop now to add to your collection!

6. Flip 

One person’s junk really can be another person’s treasure, and provide a nice cash flow. 

Scouring flea markets or garage sales for people’s unloved goods could yield you a nice profit if you’re willing to apply some elbow grease. Most furniture or other household pieces found at sales could be in rough shape, but if you have tools and vision, you could create a one-of-a-kind item and sell it for a profit. 

7. Tutor

Do you love helping others learn? Ever thought about passing that love and helping someone else? Becoming a tutor could be a great way to earn money and enrich the lives of others.

You can tutor pretty much anything! If you know how to play the piano, you could teach lessons. If you love English or proofreading, you could proofread papers or help students write essays. There are plenty of people willing and eager to learn more. 

8. Photography

With a nice camera and a good eye, you could turn your love of photography into a side hustle. 

People need photographers for many occasions: weddings, showers, celebrations, births, and so on. Try specializing in a photography niche instead of a being a general photographer.

If you don’t have the time to devote to running a full business, you can sell your photos online. Stock sites are used for photographers to sell their pictures and earn money from them. This way, you can still enjoy your hobby without worrying about booking sessions.

9. Mechanic

An average trip to the mechanic cost between $500-$600. 

But if you love working on cars, making a few small repairs to vehicles could bring you some business. Don’t worry about making major changes such as replacing an engine. Reach out to family, friends, or coworkers and build trust with them. 

Try working on junk cars first to build your confidence and go from there!

If you do well and they’re happy with your service, you may have repeat customers!

10. Create A Course

Online courses are all the rage, and no wonder. You can finish them in your PJ’s and the cost is significantly less than a traditional class.

If you’re an expert in something, and you desire to teach others how to do it, creating an online course could turn into a profit. And if you’ve started a blog, selling your course on your blog could be a great idea as well. 

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Hobby-Job?

Hobbies that can make money don’t evolve quickly. Sometimes, they can take time and money to start up. Most of it depends greatly on the type of hobby you’re developing into a business, but generally, it costs very little!

Time will likely be the biggest investment spent on specializing your craft, networking, creating, and marketing. 

Hobby Business Ideas: What’s Yours?

Turning a hobby into a business can be fun and challenging. Money making hobbies allow you to pursue what you love while putting some extra cash in your pocket. Which one would you love to do today?

If you need assistance with getting your hobby-job off the ground, visit our blog to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to run a small business!