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5 Fun Team Building Exercises That Can Get Your Employees Working Together

Do your employees struggle to get along?

If you own a business and have noticed that teamwork and morale are low, it could be due to a lack of comradery between co-workers. 

You don’t have to spend a ton of time or money to create space for your employees to work on teambuilding so their bond can translate into the workplace and increase productivity. 

Read on to learn about 5 easy team building games that can fix this problem and keep your staff working together smoothly.

Take Advantage of Lunchtime

During the lunch hour, employees probably go off and do their own thing, splinter off into smaller groups or even sit and eat at their desk. 

On occasion, it’s wise to take this time out for a team building lunch. Bring in lunch for the whole company and break employees off into groups. 

Give them talking points and ask them to discuss questions and answers related to their time and experience at work.

Once that portion is over, you can give them the opportunity to talk amongst themselves and get to know each other better. 

Job Shadow

Allow employees to get an idea of what people in other positions or other departments do. 

Take a portion of the day and have your staff shadow someone else who does an entirely different job within the company.

Sometimes, getting a new perspective on how hard someone else works can enlighten your staff and allow them to appreciate everyone’s part within the company. 

Inner-Office Book Club

Encourage staff to participate in a work book club. The employer will provide the same book to all employees interested in participating and staff members can meet once a week to discuss the chapters they’ve read. 

This gives people a commonality and something to discuss with one another besides work. It also gives them a chance to let their guard down, share their opinions and have some fun with the people they work with. 

Team Sports or Workouts

Some companies have sponsored softball or volleyball leagues where employees can participate. They can practice together and compete, allowing for some friendly competition and team building outside of the office. 

If you have a smaller business, consider scheduling after-hours workout classes. This could mean providing a gym membership or taking a group spin class.

Pick one day per week where a group exercise class is scheduled and allow employees to leave work a little early so the event doesn’t cut into their personal time. 

Volunteer Work

Nothing bonds people like giving back together and remembering how fortunate they truly are. As the business owner or manager, it’s your job to lead by example

Every quarter, plan a company charity day. Close the office and provide transportation to the site location where you and your staff can spend the day giving back. 

Try These Easy Team Building Games Today

With these easy team building games, your staff can stop butting heads and start bonding. 

Giving them time and space to get to know each other and appreciate what they contribute to the company will help make office morale more positive and increase productivity. 

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