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Need Some Sushi? Roll into These Food Marketing Tips

Did you know that nearly 23% of restaurants fail within their first year? Ouch. The reality is many of these closures could have been avoided if the right food marketing methods were set into play.

If you’re looking for your restaurant to thrive rather than just survive, read on to discover some of our favorite tools and techniques for the industry. 


Today’s foodie relies on the internet to get a good idea about the quality of food and experience a restaurant can deliver. One of the first sources they’ll turn to is likely to be your website.

Your website is an excellent place to show off the character of your website. Be sure to include a brief bio about how your restaurant came to be, an accurate menu, and some quality photo of your dishes.

The website for this sushi restaurant is a perfect example.

Social Media Food Marketing 

Another great way to give your restaurant an edge is by giving it a voice via social media. Not only is social media a great place to engage with your audience but its also a solid platform to get creative, run ads and even show a sense of humor.

Social Media platforms like Instagram are also great places to show off new dishes that are being added to the menu.


There are few things potential customers trust more than other customer recommendations. Which is why it makes sense that sites like Yelp and Tripadvisor are some of the most popular sites on the internet for scouting out websites.

Not only is having your own Yelp page a great way to increase exposure, but it’s also free feedback to help you fine tune your services.

Loyalty Programs

Food marketing isn’t just about getting customers through the door, it’s also about encouraging them to keep coming back, and loyalty programs are a great way to do this. Whether it’s through a punch card or some kind of points system, offering incentives for returning customers is a valuable marketing method.

Even if you’re hesitant to offer free food or discounts, remember when customers return to redeem their rewards they almost always buy more to go with it.

Food Delivery Site

Today we rely on our smartphone apps for everything, even dinner. Which is why skipping out on food delivery apps is a huge marketing mistake. You’ll see a massive increase in your delivery sales and will enhance your exposure simply by showing up on the app.

Some apps even provide you with drivers, opening up a whole new spectrum of profit for your restaurant.

Email Marketing

Think the days of email marketing are long gone? Think again. Email marketing continues to be one of the leading marketing methods for businesses.

So what kind of content should you send your customers? You have countless options including special discounts for birthdays, recipes, or announcing new dishes!

Practice Makes Profit

When it comes to food marketing (or marketing for any industry), consistency is key. The more methods you apply on a regular basis, the better the results you’ll find. If you’re not sure where to start, diving into a simple social media ad campaign is a strong platform to begin.

Remember, you can always turn to our blogs and forums for extra help and inspiration!