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Dentist Marketing Ideas: 5 Strategies That Will Skyrocket Your Practice’s Revenue

The dentist marketing ideas you leverage to promote your practice can make or break your success. Here are 5 can’t-miss tips you should be using now!

Owning a dental practice is a significant achievement. But ownership alone does not keep your business afloat.

Establishing a marketing strategy helps your practice garner influence in markets–local and online.

Innovative and practical marketing ideas attract new customers and keep current ones returning. That’s how businesses keep revenue consistent.

It’s all about improving the customer experience with present and potential clients. The customer experience is how people perceive your brand. It’s what they think about your practice.

Via effective marketing is how this strategy’s established.

The dental marketing ideas you use to promote your practice can make or break it.

Continue reading these dentist marketing ideas. Here we discuss the five strategies that will skyrocket your practice’s revenue.

1. Put It on a Postcard

Advertising in the Yellow Pages and the newspaper can be pricey. Plus, the key is to make money with the right type of marketing not lose it.

You can’t Dominate Dental markets without it.

Postcards are economical ways to reach potential new patients and solicit repeat business. They’re versatile. And you can market them in unique ways–mailers, coupons, and announcements.

In addition, postcards enable you to track new and returning customers. If you turn one side of it into a discount card, it’ll require recipients to present it during their visit.

2. Blog About It

Blogs are the number one way to reach potential online new patients. That’s beneficial since almost everyone has a smartphone or a computer these days.

It takes seconds to google the word “dentist”. Your practice could be right at someone’s fingertips after hitting the enter button.

Learn SEO and set up a blog. Then post SEO content to target different demographics of online users.

Write relevant material that highlights your practice. Make it relate to the people you want to reach.

3. Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms are the online editions of instant news. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to broadcast and post news and content relating to your business.

These applications give you the opportunity to interact with more than 2.34 billion social media users.

Marketing opportunities include shooting live footage of your practice. You can also share blog material, business updates, and commercial videos.

The best feature on social media is the share button. If people like your content, they can share it with their followers.

That’s free press and the best word of mouth advertising other than the telephone.

4. Patient Referrals

Customers love when you give them something back. Patients referral programs do just that.

They incent current patients with monetary gifts for sending new business their way.

In the last two years, referral programs helped companies experience 86% more growth than previous years.

5. Financing Options and Discounts

People shy away from professional services due to the lack of insurance. You can attract new patients by offering finance options and discounts.

Finance programs like Carecredit cover costs that insurance programs don’t. It also offers promotional financing up to $200 on purchases.

To sweeten the marketing, offer discounts services for first-time patients. And, give return customers the opportunity to save on dental services not covered by their insurance.

Market Your Practice

Dentist marketing ideas not only build your brand, they also help increase revenue.

Employing the customer experience option, keeps current customers and new ones come aboard.

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