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3 Loan Applications Mistakes to Avoid for Small Businesses

Is your business in a cash crunch? Do you need some money to sort out a financial emergency? Taking out a small business loan is an ideal way to raise the money you need. However, most mainstream lenders have a reputation of not lending money to small businesses like yours. This, though, doesn’t mean you […]

What Is the Best Way to Pay off Student Loans?

Are you struggling to pay off your student loans? Who isn’t? With the average student loan debt hovering over $30,000, there’s no doubt millions of graduates across the country are struggling to settle their debts. Your situation can get worse if you don’t find a job soon after graduating or if the job you have […]

Help With Finances: 5 Useful Tips and Tricks

Finances: we all know how much they affect every aspect of our lives. But despite that, we too often wait until a major life event like a wedding, homeownership, or natural disaster to get our financial house in order. Getting ahead of these events means taking proactive steps now. It’s normal for beginners to need […]

From Merrill Lynch to Thin Air: Whatever Happened to Prabir Purohit?

Merill Lynch’s full name is Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. Their success is so incredible and so widespread that you’ve almost certainly heard the name even if you didn’t quite know what it was talking about. Merrill Lynch finds the best people in the world of investment banking to entrust with their clients’ investment funds. Read […]

How to Find a Small Business Accountant: This is What You Need to Do

You started your small business because you have a passion for what you do. You provide a service or product that is what you do best—but what about the rest of it?  For many small business owners, the love for what they offer can lose a little luster when it’s time to crunch the numbers. […]

A Simple Guide to Nonprofit Accounting: This is What You Need to Know

There are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the U.S. All of these organizations are bound bu the tax code and donors to show transparency. Nonprofit accounting is much different than personal or business accounting. There are higher standards to meet to ensure their tax-exempt status is legitimate. Keep reading to learn more about accounting […]

How Much Tax Does a Small Business Pay? A Useful Guide

With over 30 million small businesses in America, there’s a lot of collective opportunity for stress whenever April rolls around. That’s because it’s time to file year-end taxes. This year businesses have been granted an extension until July due to the effects COVID-19 has had on personal and professional lives. Still, there’s no hiding from […]

How Is the Mortgage Industry Adapting to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

With COVID-19 affecting nearly every industry, almost every employee is now required to work from home.  If you specifically take a look at how the mortgage industry is affected by COVID-19, you will notice how Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Quicken Loans, and others are telling their employees to work from home.  It’s evident that the mortgage […]

The Different Types of Interest Explained: An Informative Guide

Did you know that as of 2018, the average American owed $38,000 in personal debt? Inevitably, individuals and organizations will need external funding at some point. To leverage this credit, both individuals and organizations will need to pay interest. There are several ways to calculate interest, and you need to be aware of each to […]

What Do You Need For a Business Loan? A Quick Guide

If you are starting a new business or are expanding your current business, you have probably considered applying for a business loan. The business loan process can be complicated as there are certain requirements you need to meet to even qualify to apply.  If you have been wondering what do you need for a business […]