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What Can I Buy With Bitcoin?

Since January 2020, the value of a single unit of Bitcoin has grown from less than $10,00 to over $30,000. It’s clear that investing in Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular, but if you’re thinking, “What can I buy with Bitcoin?” merchants such as PayPal are among many others who now accept Bitcoin as a payment option. Keep reading for more information about how you can use your Bitcoin for everyday purchases. 

What can I buy with Bitcoin?

You might be surprised at what the popular cryptocurrency can now purchase! In just a few years, Bitcoin went from an idea to an actual form of currency. And it spends the same way money does. 


Because of a third-party service called Purse, consumers can now use their Bitcoin to make purchases on Amazon… and Amazon sells everything. There are advantages to using Purse- the company guarantees its customers a minimum 5% discount and can negotiate to receive up to 15% off. 

Furniture, Household Wares, Clothes & Jewelry

Overstock began accepting Bitcoin in 2014. Customers are able to exchange their Bitcoin for any one of the millions of products offered on Overstock’s website. 

Private Aircrafts

Thanks to Aviatrade, you can use your Bitcoin to buy a personal jet, as the company recently added Bitcoin as a payment option for all business jet purchases. Skip first-class– Bitcoin can now buy you your very own aircraft. 

Television Subscription Services

Bitcoin can pay for the recurring payments required for your monthly TV service. Dish now accepts both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment for its subscription services. This only works if you have enough Bitcoins to handle withdrawals every month.

Movie Tickets is one of the largest merchants that allows customers to use Bitcoin as a payment option. Customers are able to buy tickets to about 900 U.S. movie theaters through their site. Some cities have more theaters on the website than others, but Regal Cinemas, a brand with locations across the US., accept tickets purchased through 

A College Education 

You read that right- you can pay for college with Bitcoin. New York City’s King College announced in 2014 that they would accept cryptocurrency as a means of paying tuition. 

Burial, Cremation, and Funeral Expenses

Though it seems a bit macabre, there are several funeral services in the United States that accept bitcoins as a payment option. The first one in the U.S. is Crescent Tide Funeral & Cremation Services, located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Funerals are expensive, and it can be a relief to some families to know that cryptocurrency is an option for covering the cost of burying their loved ones. 


Several well-known art galleries in the U.S. are now accepting Bitcoin as a payment option for fine art. This list allows you to put in your zip code to see art galleries where Bitcoin is accepted near you. 

Coffee at Starbucks

Bitcoin even covers caffeine cravings. A special payment app called Bakkt will now allow you to use Bitcoins at Starbucks locations across the country by converting bitcoins to Starbucks cards that are saved on your Starbucks app. You can then use the app to make your in-store purchases. 


In an effort to encourage the use of cryptocurrency, the online payment company has announced that it will allow users to pay in Bitcoin upon checkout with several vendors. 

What Can I Buy With Bitcoin?

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