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Customer Service Employee Evaluation Form

Customer Service Employee Review

1 Has the right attitude and is always positive 12 345NFH
2 Deals with customers in a professional and friendly manner 12 345NFH
3 Has a warm rapport with co-workers and customers 12 345NFH
4 Is a people person and gels well with clients and co-workers 12 345NFH
5 Answers the telephone with a smile on her face consistently 12 345NFH
6 Has made a long standing relationship with clients who now go to him/her for problem resolutions 12 345NFH
7 Able to admit when he/she does not have the knowledge to perform a certain task 12 345NFH
8 Is a focused listener who is able to be empathetic 12 345NFH
9 Adaptable when requiring the assistance of co-workers 12 345NFH
10 Able to overcome objections and provide logical solutions 12 345NFH
11 Knows when to ask for additional support from team management information 12 345NFH
12 Is able to redefine the customer service process to meet clients' changing needs 12 345NFH
13 Overcomes objections in a logical fashion 12 345NFH

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