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Questions for Employee Evaluation

Employee reviews are an important aspect of employee development, they have been designed to assist both manager and employee by offering a fair and constructive way to assess performance relating to specific objectives.

The objective to performance reviews is to support employee growth and career planning/training, an effective employee review promotes communication, responsibilities, objectives and identifies training requirements and encourages positive relationships between employer and employee.

Depending on the review you are holding with your employee your set of questions could change, you may be carrying out a 30 day review or an annual review, in which case the questions asked would vary greatly. Monthly reviews would be more assignment based whereas an annual review would be assessing the particular skills your employee possess and the areas where training is a requirement.

For a successful you need to open dialogue as you perform this review with your employee, the days of "secret reviews" are over, this does not instill trust in the workplace, does not offer the employee to provide relevant feedback and it does not allow managers to grow with their employees. Excluding the employee from the evaluation will not empower them it will kill any relationship you did have.

Try to avoid questions which only require a yes or no answer, there is not a lot to be learned from these types of questions. Ask questions which will offer real insight into your employees, this will pave the way for success and grow a team which performs at a higher level and completes their goals.

Questions for Employee Evaluation

Do you understand the responsibilities of the job?

Are you aware of who your supervisor is and their responsibilities?

Do you feel your workload is sufficient or too much?

Are you aware of your benefits within the company?

Are you productive enough in your role?

What is a key strength you bring to the team?

How can you help us to be more effective in achieving our goals?

Do you believe you are a valuable and active member of the team?

Do you feel you need more training?

Name something you feel could be improved

Name one thing I can do better to support you

Do you possess a skill we are not utilizing?

Do you know what the long term goals of the company are?

Is there an area where we could make our meetings more efficient?

Name one thing you like most about your job?

Name your least favourite thing about your job

Is our reward system effective for you?

Is your working environment satisfactory?

Are there areas where your job could be easier and more efficient?

What is your greatest accomplishment so far?

How can work be more fun?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of this department?

Where do you see yourself in 2 years from now?