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Top 5 Benefits of Branding Your Solar Energy Business

In 2016, solar installations in the United States increased by almost 50 percent. There are now well over 1.3 million solar power installations, powering over 6.5 million households. As more people embrace green living and look to cut energy costs, we can only expect this figure to keep rising.

This is good news for the planet, as well as for solar energy businesses.

If you run one such business, the potential consumer market is huge. Your primary job is to go all out, grab a share of this market, and watch your bottom line get fatter.

But to do that, you need to build a strong brand. In this article, we’re discussing the benefits of branding for solar energy outfits.

Send a “Green” Message

The vast majority of consumers who are embracing solar power are doing so because they want to lower their carbon footprint.

To these consumers, a solar installation is not enough. They want to buy the service from a company that has a deep commitment to protecting the environment.

How do you best communicate that you’re more than a solar energy business?

Simple. Branding.

Designing a logo with a sun symbol and elements of color green, for instance, will tell potential customers you don’t just power their homes with solar to make a buck; you do it because it’s good for the planet.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Did you know about 64 percent of modern consumers cite shared values as the number 1 reason for a strong brand relationship?

As a solar energy business, this shared value is environmental protection. You already know how to show that your business believes in this.

This will fuel a solid relationship with your customers and strengthen their loyalty to you.

Shine Brighter Than the Competition

Solar energy is hot business right now, so you can expect new businesses to keep setting up shop.

More businesses means more competition.

Creating a killer brand identify for your business is an effective way to beat your competition. With an easily recognizable logo that resonates with the target market, customers will be able to easily pick out your company from the rest.

You will get more business as a result and gradually a larger share of the market will be yours to lose.

Spend Less on Advertising

Even though businesses spend about 5-7 percent of revenues on advertising, you might find yourself spending more, because this is a young industry with a large target market.

Why spend thousands of dollars on advertising, while you can get your business known at a fraction of the money?

Yes, one of the benefits of branding is it saves you from ballooning advertising costs. Strong branding enables your business to carve out a distinct identity for itself. This identity will expand organically.

Branding Is Good for SEO

By now, you certainly have a website for your solar energy business. If you don’t, invest in one right away, because 85 percent of customers use an online search to find local businesses.

This means you have to optimize your website for SEO. This involves many strategies, including crafting your blog content around keywords that are relevant to your business. If your business is based in San Diego, for instance, some of the top keywords you should be targeting include solar power El Cajon, solar installation El Cajon and solar panels El Cajon.

A strong brand is also good for SEO.

You see, when your business name is already in potential customers’ heads, they will likely search it online. The more they search it, the more search engine algorithms consider your business a market leader. Gradually, your site will rise up through the ranks.

The Benefits of Branding for Solar Energy Businesses: Final Thoughts

Solar energy is a booming industry.

You’ve made a smart move to establish a solar energy business, but that’s only a small part of the journey. You’ve to build a strong brand to communicate your message, increase customer loyalty and gain an edge over the competition.

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