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Finding Clients that Share Your Vision: Client Marketing That Works

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the best client marketing strategy of them all?

As soon as the tiny seed of a business idea begins to sprout in your mind, the first thing you wonder is how you’re going to find the right clients.

Many start-ups are fueled by passion about the product, and a desire to get that product out to others. If you’re totally sold on your business idea, then you’ll find others just as keen on your product or service as you are.

So, if you’re nervous about how to grab that perfect customer, go back to your mirror and give yourself a pep-talk.

Now, sit down and get comfy while you discover the best web-based client marketing strategies to get your ideal clients rolling in.

Get into the Mind of Your Client

Before you start scouting out clients, you need to know who you’re looking for. Skipping this step is like going on a blind date with no idea what your potential beau looks like.

You need to know who your product or service appeals to. What kind of house might your client live in, what values do they have? Do they like nice suits and fast cars, or are they Volvo-driving soccer moms?

Know exactly what drives your client, and what they’re passionate about because emotions and decisions are inextricably linked.

In fact, knowing your ideal clients’ emotional responses helps you appeal to your niche. Some companies, like EraserFarm, understand the science of client emotion and use it to help grow businesses and attract consumers.

Be the Authority on Your Business

If someone has a question surrounding your product or service, where do they go to find the answer?

To you. They have to come to you.

You need to be the nut-milk master, the natural energy expert, the coconut-based product king (or queen). Basically, you need to know what your clients are thinking before you pitch to them.

A great way to do this is by adding a blog to your website. Use blog posts to answer common questions your ideal clients may be asking in cyberspace.

How-tos, tips and tricks, and video tutorials are all great ways to flex your intellectual muscles, while imparting useful information to potential clients.

This way you’ll earn their trust, build a relationship, and have something they can tell their friends about, too.

Utilize SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it can have a powerful effect on potential clients.

To understand SEO, think about yourself as a consumer. When you want to find the best place in Hoboken for nduja sausage, the top search results are the ones you’ll click through to.

It’s where you want your business to be – in those top search engine results. That’s the power of SEO. Suddenly, you’ll be attracting thousands, if not millions of those ideal people who are interested in what you’re selling.

Build SEO into your website through blog posts. You can find topics that’ll interest your desired client base in online forums, in your competitors’ comments sections, or on social media sites (more on that next).

Harness the Power of Social Media

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Snapchat. YouTube. Pinterest.

The list of social media platforms is on the up and up, and with an estimated 2.5 billion social media users around the world by 2018, you’ll want to get in on this action.

Many social media sites offer businesses the option of advertising with them. People who might look at products and services in your genre will see your business pop up on their feed, and may just click through to your website.

Another boon with social media is, people can share posts. So even if Joe Bloggs isn’t interested in your product, he might forward it to his buddy [insert placename here], who’ll love it.

Research the leading platforms, and look at the main user-statistics of each to work out which ones are right for your company. Yes, use more than one, because just one extra platform can mean two million extra consumers.

Give Clients the Personal Touch

One reason why people choose small businesses over big brands is the service.

In a dog-eat-dog, me-first world, niceties and friendliness have vanished like socks from the washer.

Be nice to your client, and it’s like the stranger that smiles at you in the street. It brightens up your day and makes you feel better.

Give clients the personal touch by replying to their comments on your website, addressing subjects they’ve emailed you about, or by just being yourself. Be open to customers, tell them about yourself, and don’t be afraid to put your personality out there.

If clients feel a connection with your business and feel they’re treated well by you, they’re more likely to become return customers. And, again, they’ll probably tell their friends about you, so your client base will grow.

Get ‘Em Caught Up in Your Excitement

Does your vegan wedding cake business offer something that others don’t? Maybe your bespoke furniture pieces hold a secret that makes them extra cool. Or, maybe you’re the only low-carb Yorkshire pudding mix retailer out there.

Whatever your product or service, you need to know why yours is the best, and get others excited about it, too.

Build enthusiasm for your unique selling point through email campaigns, newsletters, blogs, vlogs, your website, social media… Your imagination’s the limit.

Follow O’Right’s Lead

A great example of building zeal for their product is the eco-friendly haircare brand, O’Right. They marketed their shampoos to salons and consumers who wanted the most natural commercial haircare products on the market. But they took it one step further.

O’Right’s shampoo bottles have a superpower.

Not only are they fully biodegradable, but once you’ve finished with your bottle of shampoo, stick it in the ground and it’ll grow into a tree!

Yup, they made the first tree-in-a-bottle, folks. The buzz this created in the European natural hair product community made O’Right the talk of the town at the time, plus it stole the hearts of many natural haircare aficionados across the continent.

Make Client Marketing Work for You

While every business is different, they all need one thing to be a success: clients.

If you use online client marketing to reach those ideal customers, you’ll be opening your doors wide to potentially millions of people.

Know your audience, know your product or service, and get others talking about it, too. You want your customers to be as passionate about your product as you are, so use all the online tools we’ve discussed to make that happen.

Your client marketing strategy will be unique to your business, so cut out and keep this post, use it to plan ahead, and choose wisely. Your ideal clients are just a few clicks away.

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